Rich Treasures Pop-Up: Musical Postcards!

The Lava Lamp Lounge Print-Shop has been working overtime lately, sorting out everything in time for the Rich Treasures DIY Pop-Up at The Art Department here in Salem, OR. If you haven’t heard, you should mark your calendar: June 26th, 2 – 5 PM. (Only three hours! Don’t be late!)

I will be selling an array of items that I’ve made over the years, and it will probably be one of the primary ways to see me in person, in a sort of “public” manner, this summer. I would love to see you there, even if you just want to stop in and say hello.

For sale to the public for the first time: Musical Postcards! Probably the highest profile art project I’ve done, these postcards have not been for sale before, and were instead only available to Lemonade Stand Supporters (and a select group of folks who are on the old-school mailing list). In fact, if you sign up for the Lemonade Stand right now, you will get a June Postcard popped into the mail for you, today, as a thank you for signing up.

However, if you would like to purchase these cards (for use at home, or to send to a friend), they will be available at The Art Department during this event, individually, or as a set, where you can get all of them at a discount. The music on the cards is only accessible through the QR Code; these aren’t available to download elsewhere, and you can’t get this music on other releases. These cards contain music by four different musical projects, totaling almost three hours of new music. Included in this are two singles by actual rock-and-roll combos, a long spoken word piece, and four different studio sessions by Mini-Mutations, unavailable in any other form. These postcards have all been designed by Austin Rich, and come on colorful cardstock, so you can see them coming as your postal carrier walks down the street.

These postcards have been mailed all over the country, all over the world, and has been referred to as a new musical format, something that is very exciting for people who want to make music that can be distributed easily, and cheaply, in a way that could be affordable to anyone with a stamp.

There aren’t that many of these, so make sure to show up promptly if you are interested in these rare items. These are expected to sell out, to make sure to stop by early!

See you soon!

New Mini-Mutations! A New Podcast! And A New Postcard!

It must be March. 

This month, Mini-Mutations has a new 30 minute EP that you can only hear via the new postcard that is being mailed out to mailing list subscribers AT THIS VERY MOMENT. This EP, “Five Hundred Thousand,” is a three part exploration of new material, new ideas, and new experiments that is at the heart of all that Mini-Mutations does. I’m excited to have the EP out, and would love to share it with you. 

Which brings me to these postcards. Every month, original content that is not available any other way is available for you to enjoy, directly sent to your mailbox. It’s a musical postcard that combines old-fashioned Postcard technology with new-fangled QR-code technology, to offer you new music in the privacy of your own mailbox. Join the mailing list, and receive each new postcard when they are made! These were recently written up by the Eugene Weekly, and are now an international sensation! (Cards have landed in Canada, Germany and Taiwan.) We’ve hit almost 30 states, too, so help me make it all 50, and join the mailing list, today! 

As an incentive: this month’s postcard comes with some bonus material, in addition to the new Mini-Mutations EP. On March 21st, a new podcast is launching. 20 Minutes Into The Future: A Max Headroom Podcast is a show where we watch Max Headroom, and talk about it. With this postcard, we offer a chance to hear the first episode before the show officially launches. You can find out more information about the show at We officially launch on March 21st. Our second episode, where we discuss the UK Telefilm, will coincide with the 36th Anniversary of the original broadcast. Keep your eyes on the website, as we will be hosting a watch party on Zoom, the details of which will be on our site. In the meantime, you can enjoy our first episode via the postcard, before anyone else can hear it. 

March is going to be a great month, and. It all starts with this new postcard. Get yours, now!

March Postcards Are Ready For You!

Is it that time of year already?

Marking the one year anniversary of our collective horrific experience that we’re all still working through, here’s 30 minutes of new Mini-Mutations, meditating on everything that it means to be in the particular rut we’re all in these days. 

If you are on the mailing list: don’t worry! You will receive a postcard, just like normal. We received a couple of donations last month specifically for postage, and if you would like to help us out on that front, we would happily accept the help

If you have not received a postcard yet, and would like to know more, you can visit to get all the information. And, if you just want to take the plunge: sign up for the mailing list. 

I’ve been spending a lot less time on social media, and interacting over there just does not scale for me, right now. I need that time to focus on my kittens, editing podcasts, returning actual mailed letters that I get from people, and recording things. That doesn’t mean I won’t be off it entirely, or that I won’t return. But I just don’t have the bandwidth for it at the moment. Maybe in the future. When I’ve got a little more space for it in my everyday life.

So, if you would like some interaction, e-mail or traditional post is sort of where it’s at. I would love to get an e-mail or letter from you. I think it is actually be better way to roll…

I dig this new card. Hopefully, you do, too. 

February Postcards Are Ready!

The February Postcards are ready, and will go out in the mail tomorrow. Anyone currently on the mailing list will receive one. If you would like to get on the mailing list, then just send an e-mail to Make sure to mention you want to join the postcard mailing list, as the bots are only so good at all of this.  And, if you are feeling so inclined, please make a donation, to keep the postage flowing.

This month’s postcard includes a pair of demos from the new batch of songs that the Master Control Unit has been outputting, for the second album by Shot Reverse Shot. These demos will not be available anywhere else, any will only be heard in this format on this postcard. (They might not make the final cut for the album; you never know.) If you want to hear these, you should get on the mailing list, NOW.

And, if you want to get the album or the 7″ by Shot Reverse Shot, why not check out the Bandcamp page, for all your merch needs.

It’s a little musical concert… sent straight to your mailbox!


Photo Easter Eggs

It’s been very odd to get contacted by strangers, who want to get on the postcard mailing list. And, when I finally got copies of the Eugene Weekly,* it started to make a little more sense why they. might be inclined to seek out my e-mail address: the story takes sup half a newspaper page. That’s a lot of column inches devoted to this thing that I do. If I read this in a paper, I would probably contact me, too.

But the length of the story is still wild to me. This is sort of like being told, “Yeah, can we write a little something about (insert some small thing that you do creatively),” only to find that they are going to run with it in some amount of detail. I never thought that the postcards would be such a hit, but they were certainly a big hit with me when I got them. The way of the world is very strange.

Anyway, seeing the photo that I took in my office / studio, I realized there’s a fair number of personal Easter Eggs that are visible, and not just my trademark bow tie and Hal Jordan graying temples. So I thought it might be fun to run down some of the more interesting ones. It never occurs to me that, perhaps, I have had some adventures and have seen some things until I try to summarize something as simple as what’s in the photo that was seen in the paper.

So, to my best recollection, here’s a run down of some of the things you can see in this photo. I would say that the only real difference between the cropped photo and the full photo you can see on the website, is that you can see a lot more of the boxes of comics and ‘zines from my collection.

Anyway, in the photo, you can see:

My childhood teddy bear, Jasper, who I have had since I was four or five.

No less than two pieces of gear gifted to me by kiisu d’salyss of the band The Secret Light, who was in the very first band that I was ever in, and who has consistently gifted me useful pieces of gear over the years.

Not one but two velvet paintings, that I was given by the owners and operators of the Velveteria, when I was an employee there way back when.

A Dead Kennedys poster that was given to my by my long-lost friend Lyra, who I haven’t seen in years, and who I miss dearly.

A Star Wars kite that I have had since I saw Return of The Jedi when it was new as a kid.

A Tom Waits poster that I was gifted by the staff at the record store across from the B. Dalton bookstore I worked at.

A They Might Be Giants poster that I got from KPSU when I worked there.

A Weezer poster that was gifted to me by my sister who was downsizing the stuff she owned.

And Tiki Commander Geordi Laforge, the newest addition to that wall back there.

I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that stand out.


February’s Postcard is almost ready. If you want to get on the mailing list, send me an e-mail:

*(Thanks again, Marc Time & Cori Larson! I will happily take more copies, if you happen to have extras lying around and you would like to send it along!)


The Postman always Promotes Twice

Improbable As It May Seem

Sometimes, word of mouth does you right.

A friend told a friend, who requested a postcard, and told another friend, and I was suddenly on the phone with William Kennedy of the Eugene Weekly, talking about postcards.

I assumed it would be a small blurb about something different happening with the mail. Instead, it is much longer.

You can read the article here.

Now: can someone from Eugene please save and send me a copy? I’m still sort of blown away…

January Postcards Are Here!

Dropping into the mail today are the January 2021 Musical Postcards, the first of this year! We test-drove this idea last month, to great success, and we are going to do this again, every month this year.

If you are are on the mailing list: you will get one. If you would like to join the mailing list, here’s the page for doing that.

Over 30 minutes of new, original music by Mini-Mutations, only available on this postcard. It looks pretty snappy, so I would love to send one to you.

And now that I’m not really on FB these days, this might be a good way to keep in touch.

Let’s send some mail!