Facebook Post: 2016-05-29T16:29:03

Oh no! It’s after 4, and you just realized that you missed listening to Geekly-Update, live! We’ll, never fear. Today’s episode is available for stream or download. With a full panel in the studio today, we talk about our book club selection (“This Is Your Brain On Music”), the new X-Men movie, and even take a call about Joni Mitchell. That, and more, this week. Check it out, won’t you?

Facebook Post: 2016-05-20T16:17:55

Do you make experimental music, of any shape or variety?

My new radio program – Mid-Valley Mutations – is focusing on Experimental Music, and would like to feature both local and international artists, people from next door and beyond, people well-known or just starting out, and everyone in-between.

If you make this kind of music, or release this kind of music, and would like to get it on the air, please contact me. Both physical and digital submissions are welcome. Let’s get your music on the radio here in the Mid-Valley!

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell anyone you know who makes music that is left-of-center, and it will find a home on Mid-Valley Mutations.

Facebook Post: 2016-05-15T08:17:50

I have spent my entire adult life involved in Community Radio of one kind or another, and it has become like a best friend to me, and certainly a place where I can go – no matter where I live – and find a bunch of cool radio nerds that are into the same kind of stuff as me. Becoming a part of KMUZ has been incredibly gratifying, and I am eager to help. Right now is KMUZ’s Spring Pledge Drive, and I would like to ask you, on their behalf, to donate any amount you can afford to keep them on the air.

If you enjoy my appearances on Geekly-Update, or just tune into the station regularly to hear local news and excellent music, then I ask that you make a donation of any amount to KMUZ’s Spring Pledge Drive, and help give us the funding we need to make it through the year. It is one thing to put on radio every week, and it might seem like we’re living the dream. But our entire staff and all our programmers – top to bottom – are volunteers, and 100% of our funding comes from the kindness of listeners like you. KMUZ cannot do it alone.

Every little bit helps, and when you contribute to community radio like this – either over the phone at 503-990-6101, or through the donate links on KMUZ.org – you strengthen the very fabric of your community, and in doing so, help make living in the Mid-Valley so incredibly fun. Please, donate to KMUZ, and keep Community Radio like this alive and well.

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Yesterday I threw a chicken carcass into this pot with several containers of chicken stock, and let it stew all day. I put it all in the fridge overnight, then cut up carrots, potatoes and celery and let it stew for most of the afternoon. I’ve never done it this way, but both George and I are pretty pleased with the results.

Facebook Post: 2016-05-01T17:59:50

It was a full house this week on Geekly-Update. We talked about the Cherry City Comic Con, our April bookclub selection “Hellboy: Seed of Destruction,” and discuss the impending Captain America: Civil ͏Wa͏r, and take a call from someone who has ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE. I’m hosting this week, and the panel is ridiculous. Available for stream or download. Enjoy!

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Salem Comicon scores: the first 12 issues of Amerikan Flagg! Vol II, a grip of old Kamandi books (plus another Kirby Klassic) a few Howard The Ducks & Morrison’s The Filth, all six Skreemer’s (in Spanish… whoops), and a pile of odds and sods including Red Sonja #1, Logan’s Run #1, and a few new Mignola books I don’t have. Time to start reading.