Facebook Post: 2020-11-29T18:39:30

I was in a terrible mood, up and down, feeling out of sync, but we finally buckled down and did the holiday decorating. We have a scaled down tree, in an effort to keep things out of reach of the cats, but we got the blow-molds out, and all sorts of other stuff.

The house looks okay. I wish you could improve moods as easily as redecorating.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-25T19:30:09

I will sometimes leave the door open while I’m cooking. Sometimes up to 15 minutes at a stretch. My food has never gone bad, and I have never seen an increase in our electric Bill.

I mostly keep it closed. But: it’s worth it to know that no one will ever yell at me to shut a fridge door ever again.

And so I leave it open.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-25T19:14:14

In the interest of following CDC recommendations this year, our annual Thanksgiving show today was replaced by something a bit smaller. There Inches of Pure Pleasure focuses of 3” CD releases, going back over the last decade plus of collecting experimental music. We’re keeping things small for the holidays, here on Mid-Valley Mutations.


Facebook Post: 2020-11-25T01:27:37

I have never been fully green.

But, I’ve never been fully red.

My resting state is yellow / orange when there isn’t a fascist president or a pandemic.

The only difference is that if I don’t focus and keep making new art consistently, then I slip into red almost immediately. I have never lost focus or drive; money and time I loose constantly.

I’ve had trouble sleeping as long as I can remember (age 14-ish), so that’s a poor metric. But conversely: no force in the world has ever killed my appetite, even when I’ve been sick. I’m hungry for my next meal while I’m eating. I don’t believe I’m overweight but I could eat all day if I let myself.

And I avoid interactions with co-workers 100% of the time, so that’s a poor metric, too. But all jobs are bullshit anyway so you should avoid them too.

Also: I have felt lost and out of control pretty much since I hit puberty, and I don’t know how anyone can feel otherwise, honestly.

Man, everything is hard.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-23T11:51:03

My friend Dylan and I teamed up with Barry at gorbielathecuts.com to make a new record of which we’re all really proud. Here’s all the details. Message me if you have any questions. It’s my second record, and I’m really excited to have a 45 available for my 45th birthday.

Formaldehydra / Mini-Mutations Split 8″ Lathe-cut Record!

You can now order this record from WTBC via Bandcamp. In addition to the music on the record, which is unique to this release and unavailable elsewhere, there is also over an hour of videos and audios you can enjoy, not available elsewhere, included via QR codes, with covers and collages created and designed by Formaldehydra & Mini-Mutations.

This release does not come with bandcamp downloads; the digital bonus materials are only available via QR codes, that you can only find in the packaging for this release. Truly a unique item that we promise you will love.

Outside of the US: we will have to charge for shipping. Inside the US: it is included int he cost.

$12 per disc. Limited to 30 copies.

Several have already been spoken for, so order yours today! Here’s a little promo video to whet your whistle…


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November Total: 43,056 words

Today’s Count: 2053 Words

22 Day Average: 1957 Words a day.

Words per rest of the days in Nov to hit 50k by the end of the month: 868

I fell down on the job, so to speak, and only got 1000 words, as I had to handle a few errands that ate a big chunk out of my day. But today I was back onto my 2000 words a day goal.

I would have to really fall down on the job to not get to 50K this year, but I have no idea if I will be able to finish this story in that time. This story is just too big.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-21T07:08:42

Both Trump, the pastor who he often turns to / cites as his moral center, and QANON all embrace a tactic from the Gnostics, a religious variant that believed that all “published” sources couldn’t be trusted, and instead, finding your our evidence of the true source of [God, the consiparcy, whatever] is the only way that you can find the truth.

Now that the election is over, the problem we now have is that 8 Chan is now Trump’s Twitter feed, and as Q drops away and the hatred of those kinds of websites goes mainstream, what we are left with is a demagogue who doesn’t trust the truth and a massive evangelical population who all feel burned by the direction America is heading.

Whatever Trump’s TV Talk Show ends up being in February, it will be riddled with the gnostic mindset to help unite anyone on the right who is slightly racist, slightly religious and / or doesn’t trust “the current systems,” but are afraid voice those ideas that directly.

This might be something worth listening to, if you want to get some insight into how 70 Million Americans can believe in actual quackery.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-15T13:26:24

My friends, I’m struggling. I haven’t seen most of you in a year or more. I haven’t had very much work in the lasts few years. And while I have made some cool stuff recently that I’m really proud of, holy cats, it is hard when you don’t have a lot of options for the future, or even right now.

I could use some good news, or a pick me up. A dumb video? I don’t know. I’m really feeling low today. What have you got? I need a little something…

Facebook Post: 2020-11-15T11:17:16

I’ve had a dumb morning, and it’s getting harder to hit the word goals every day. In spite of everything:

November Total: 30,005 words

Today’s Count: 1988 Words

15 Day Average: 2000 Words a day.

Words per Day to hit 50k by the end of the month: 1333

At this point in the game, anyone competing in #NANOWRIMO2020 should be at 25k words. There’s 15 days left, and you need 50k to win.

I’m over 3/5th of the way done, so I’m on track for the month. But today was the hardest day so far, and I’m sure that will not change as the month continues. I’m very glad I got this far ahead, this early. I’m gonna need that cushion.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-15T04:43:37

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what life was like when you’ve lost everything, since I was a teen. Two bouts of homelessness, several partners who abandoned me, one miscarriage and one death of a partner, who had left me to drink themselves away.

Lost all my money and most of what I owned once. Bands I loved being in broke up, never to return. Friends disappeared forever, and I still haven’t seen them since, and worse, several have passed on.

All life is impermanence and frustration.

Wear a fucking mask and let’s defeat capitalism, but stop complaining, please? I’m not sure if loosing our dine-in privileges is that big a deal.

Facebook Post: 2020-11-10T07:13:05

This week, on Mid-Valley Mutations: a special guest DJ set by artist and musician Arvo Zylo, who is no stranger to our program, having delivered personal ghosts stories, a Halloween DJ set, and plenty of albums for us to play on the air, all released by his label, No part of it, which focuses on incredible experimental artists. For this show, I hand Arvo the reigns, and he goes off on his own, delivering a two-hour program of some of his favorite tunes. The fun starts a 3 PM PST (12 AM CET) on Wednesday, so please, tune in!

Mid-Valley Mutations is on RADIOPHRENIA This Year!

For a number of years now, RADIOPHRENIA has curated a two-week long radio broadcast, in November, to feature and highlight some of the most interesting (and compelling) sound and radio artists around the world. They highlight some of the most unusual broadcasters and sound artists working today, and it is always worth tuning in for, to see what they have going on each year. (Fortunately, you can stream it all using this link.)

Beginning today, RADIOPHRENIA begin their broadcast, and it is off to a great start. You can review the schedule here, but I urge you to listen at 5 PM PST on November 10th (1 AM GMT on November 11th), to hear Mid-Valley Mutations. A special show has been assembled just for them, containing excerpts from my favorite broadcasts I made this year. This isn’t precisely new material, if you listen to the show regularly, but it’s assembled in a new way, specifically for this show, and will give people who don’t normally hear what I do a chance to check it out. 

I’m very proud to have been selected to be a part of RADIOPHRENIA this year, and I’m looking forward to hearing all the other artists too, and finding out what they did, too. 

Thank you RADIOPHRENIA, for championing unusual sounds and radio, all over the world. 


Facebook Post: 2020-11-07T19:17:50

Lest you think Oregon is just a hippies and stoned Portlandia characters, you should really take a hard look at this map. Essentially, a handful of slightly more liberal cities carried Biden for all of Oregon. But, geographically, Trump carried most of the state. Fortunately, a handful of liberal cities can flip our state blue. But there will be a lot of contention in our state as all of this unfolds.