The Closet Radio Retrocasts

Closet Radio Now On Blasphuphmus Radio Dot Com!
Closet Radio Now On Blasphuphmus Radio Dot Com!

Relive The Past, Today!

After over three years on consistent radio broadcasting, Miss Rikki needs a break.  So, in order to help her stay sane, Closet Radio has gone into reruns.  Now, by subscribing to the same feed as before, you can near vintage episodes that have not been available since their original broadcast.  This is a chance to hear the show evolve in the same way it did originally, and get to know Miss Rikki, all over again.

Prime Time Reruns, Every Saturday Night!  Classic episodes will be available at 8 PM, each week.

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Detailed playlists are now available, memories and notes are available in each post to add deeper information about each show, and links redirect to missing episodes, where you can find what scant information exists about these mystery episodes.  And, when possible, the audio for these downloads have been remastered, to provide the best quality possible.

These episodes are presented with no editing, as they were originally heard by listeners on KPSU as they were broadcast.

The Closet Radio Retrocasts.  Filling the void while Miss Rikki takes a much needed break.  We’ll miss you, and can’t wait for your return.

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As I continue to indulge my neuroses, primarily motivated by my increasing participation in The Middle-Aged Dash, I finally put all my 7″s in order. For, perhaps the first time in my life, I have all of my records sorted, with proper shelving, dividers, brushes for cleaning, and a place to sit and listen. I’m sort of in awe of the possibilities. Where to begin?