Mid-Valley Mutations

Mid-Valley Mutations

(1998 – current):

An experimental / post-punk / radio collage program available via Sheena’s Jungle RoomKLFM.org, and also available as an aggregator-agnostic podcast or through iTunes. This is the most recent iteration of a program I’ve hosted at a number of stations, in a few different cities, all in Oregon.

(Originally airing in 1998 KWVA, moving to KPSU in 2004, to anywhereanywhen.com in 2015, to at KMUZ in 2016, and to KLFM.org in 2019.) It has gone under the names: The Church of Blasphuphmus (Not Jesus) Hour, Blasphuphmus Radio & (briefly) WTBC Radio in Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen.)

Airs live at 6 PM PST Tuesdays (9 PM EST), streaming live on Sheena’s Jungle Room.

Aires at 12 AM CET Wednesdays (3 PM PST), streaming on KLFM.org. (One week delay.)

The podcast posts as soon as the files can be uploaded, and can be subscribed to either here for iTunes, or here or an agnostic feed.

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Here are our most recent episodes: