Since 1993, Austin Rich has been producing creative media in the form of ‘zines, music, radio, video, and the internet.  Currently operating in Salem, OR, at any given moment in time, Austin is working a new project, like this one.

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Since 1993, I have held a number of journalism positions for print and web, primarily writing about music and culture. Parallel to this, I’ve produced a number of ‘zines, some recurring, others one-shots.

I’ve also held a number of staff and volunteer positions at a variety of radio stations since 1998, and began podcast my radio work (and original, digital-only shows) in 2004. Most of my shows are available in iTunes or in your average agnostic podcast aggregator. (Most turn up if you search by name, or using “Austin Rich.”)

Untitled2My filmwork is less extensive, but in 2006 I began a relationship with Pecho Grande films, and have worked on a number of their features. In 2013 I launched my own YouTube Channel, which produces videos of radio and live music performances, as well as other content and short movies I make.

Between January 2004 and June 2011, I pursued a BA In English, with Minors in Film, Comics & Writing.

More recently I’ve taken freelance work, writing, producing music, and working on movies as they come up, when they come up.

Send An E-Mail: austinrich@gmail.com.

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