How Do I Get One?

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If you would like to get a musical postcard, you will want to sign up for our Patreon (we refer to it as our “Digital Lemonade Stand.”) One of the perks is a monthly postcard, with either 30 minutes of new experimental music, or a single of new punk / rock music that you can’t get anywhere else.

As of right now, the individual postcards are also available to order. (Over on the Main Page, just click the card you want to order, and you can get one in the mail, or have it sent to a friend.)

We also have a “Three For Five” offer: You pick any three cards you want, and you can get the three-pack for five dollars. (Either mailed with a stamp, or inside an envelope, for you to send at your leisure.)

Each postcard usually comes with bonus material that is only accessible to Lemonade Stand Supporters. And, starting January, 2023, for the the first time, the postcard material is available via a podcast that only supporters can listen to. It delivers all of the old postcard songs, complete with all the bonus material, and as new cards are recorded, they are added to the feed. But only lemonade stand supporters can have access to that, one of the many perks of supporting our work.