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Start your Labor Day Weekend off the way it was meant, with a meditation on the notion of jobs with: Workin’ Man’s Blues. (Available for stream or download!) This retrocast from last November is one of my better shows, and I really love the mix. Enjoy!

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Now in its second printing: Naked Trees Point To The North Star! This fiction collection of 12 inter-locking short-stories feature a sort of punk-rock magical realist perspective on a drunk and damaged world. We’re printing to order on this 90 page relic from 2008, but you can request a physical or digital copy at any time. Enjoy!

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Here’s another recent radio appearance that I made on The Guitar Shop Radio Show with DJ Victrola! She’s been bugging me to guest on her show for ages, and I finally got around to doing it. We play a lot of noise and experimental music, plus several glam-rock essentials. For stream or download. Enjoy!

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In the second-half of my radio-phonic adventure from Saturday, I bring you my guest appearance on Closet Radio with Rikki Pants! She let me pick a few songs, contribute to the banter, and join her and The Professor for an incredible show that must be heard to be believed! Available for stream or download.

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Finally ready for your stereo: Towers & DEAD, LIVE! This performance, recorded at KPSU.org, and hosted by Rikki Pants of Closet Radio was a lot of fun, and in this show, you get the entire performances by both bands! They were both epic, and I’m really happy to have worked with these guys. Now, you can enjoy the show again! For stream or download.

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Finishing our trilogy of broadcasts bringing you the events of 27 July 2013 is Part III, with performances by Four Dimensional Nightmare and The Black Noise Orchestra! This evening was an incredible night of good people and good music, and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Available for stream or download!

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Now available for your listening enjoyment: Part II of our show from Slims, featuring none other than the amazing Ricardo Wang! Providing the half-time DJ set for our show on 27 July 2013, Ricardo brought a experimental dance-set that really kicked the party into high-gear. You can now stream or download the entire set. Enjoy!

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Catching up on the backlog of podcasts we’ve got “in the can,” here is Part I of our show from Slims on 27 July 2013. This recording contains performances by Ryan A Ray And The Accumulation, and Admiran (Nil Jones), who both did an amazing job, and were a lot of fun to see. You can now stream or download the recording. Enjoy!

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After a marathon folding / stapling party, we now have a full box of Ideas available for your consumption. This half-sized, 24 page publication was originally produced in 2009, and was distributed at an art show where this was the piece I produced. If you would like a copy, simply send a message with your address, and one will arrive in the mail. This is also available, digitally. Enjoy!

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The only other mini-zine I’ve made was from 2008, and contained photos and captions I had taken with my new camera up until that point. I’m quite proud of the work in this collection, nearly 24 photos. If you get the digital version, it’s in color, but the print version is designed for a perfect xerox look. Again, free upon request. Get yours today!

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This mini-zine from 1998 is now available again! Now in it’s third printing, this is a 12 page meditation on a particularly bad day I had when I worked in a mall, and it can be yours if you so desire. Print and digital versions are both available. Just ask!

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As part of our 20th Anniversary (has it really been that long?), we’re reprinting and offering a variety of old publications from our history, and making them available to you, again! Up next is our one-shot, “Ideas.” Created to be handed out at an art installation in 2009, this is a publication where the title delivers exactly what it promises, and is free to anyone who would like a copy. Currently we have digital versions available, but a print edition is soon forthcoming. Ask for yours today!

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I want to tell you something so completely honest, and so completely meaningful, that as you read it we each have a moment of joy and excitement at the fact that people can share ideas and feelings in a much more intimate way than needing a neural port and direct feeds to each other’s micro-processors. But everything I can think of sounds trite or forced.

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We are completely out of the first print run! To be honest, I went with such a small run because I was nervous about demand, but copies were sent to Melbourne, Chicago, Fort Worth, Phoenix, and many points in-between. To all of you who asked for one: thank you! It means a lot to me.

There are still a number of digital editions available (just ask), and Print Run 2.0 is ready to ship! Ask, and I’ll send one, at absolutely no cost to you.

Thanks again.

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Print Run 2.0 has been folded, stapled, and is ready for consumption. This run does not include the free Lost In The Supermarket download code, but does come with re-mastered graphics, designed to look better in xerox form. There are only a few left from the first run, so act fast! Did I mention that all you have to do to get either physical or digital copies is to ask? I’m really proud of it, and can’t wait to send one to you.

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If you missed our previous posts, our new publication “acronyminc.blogpress.new,” is now ready for public consumption! A 32 page zine full of show reviews, movie analysis, and fiction upon which our Lost In The Supermarket compilation is based. Available physically and digitally. Just ask and ye shall receive. The first edition is available now. WE NOW LIVE IN THE FUTURE.


A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.
A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.

by Austin Rich

The story that inspired BlasphuphmusRadio.com‘s Lost In The Supermarket Compilation!  Nine new pieces of writing!  The first new publication in four years!  The beginning of digital writing, in inconvenient physical and .pdf formats!  Available by simply requesting a copy!

At a Halloween Party in 1999, Austin Rich made the mistake of eating a dried date that was handed to him by a mysterious stranger part-way through Jack-Ass Willy’s bluegrass set.  Suddenly, Austin found himself in the year 2010, having lost almost 10 years of his life, to find himself in a world very similar to the one he left, but seemed filled with new kinds of savagery, super science, and sorcery.

It’s three years later, and in that time Austin tried to continue his life in the way he’d done before, slowly integrating into this new future world through picking up work as The Office Detective, catching up on comics, TV, movies and books, finding a partner in crime, and studying magic, hoping after each adventure that his next leap will be the leap home.

In it all, the one thing Austin hadn’t returned to was his old habit of making ‘zines about his everyday life.  Something was missing.  Something incredibly easy to do.  Something… pressing.

Join us as we follow a regular publication by The Austin Rich from an alternate timeline.  These are serial adventures that are half-fact, half fiction, where the experiences that both I and Earth-2 Austin have are very similar, and yet, different in surprising ways.  Each issue is available in both print and digital forms, and offer a return to having a regular publication available from us for discerning readers.

Show reviews!  Movie Reviews!  Stories about dating and jobs.  And the story of The Office Detective!

acronyminc.blogpress.new.  Excerpts from the online publication produced by The Earth-2 Austin Rich.  “A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.”

Edition 1.0 (Physical): 20, limited edition print editions, each of which comes with a free download code for Lost In The Supermarket, the compilation based on this very story.

Edition 1.0 (Digital): 20, unique .pdf editions, each of which comes with a free download code for Lost In The Supermarketthe compilation based on this very story.

Edition 2.0 (Physical): 20, limited edition print editions, with remastered graphics.

Edition 2.0 (Digital): 100, unique .pdf editions.


acronyminc.blogpress.new (radio commercial)

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I’m putting together the outgoing mail with regard to the new ‘zine. Both physical and digital copies are available. If you would like me to send one to you, just message me with your address (physical or digital), and one will arrive in the mail fairly soon. AT NO COST TO YOU!