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I just don’t think this Sports subculture is really going to catch on with the mainstream. I just don’t see America wanting to celebrate extremely homoerotic athletic behavior in ways that flaunt dexterous, physical capability, a spectacle rendered even more incredible as seen through chemical enhancement. To suggest Americans would want to consume such media can only be described as Science Fiction by the qualities that set standards in my place and time!

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Jonathon Boober – longtime collaborator of many things Blasphuphmus Radio – has agreed to join our Street Team for St Johns Nofest! We’ll be both slinging cameras & audio recorders to get some great segments for the show. If you want to join the street team, contact me, and we’ll get you set up for the epic event. August 10th!

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Hooray! The line-up is announced! We’re on at 5 PM, at St. Johns Booksellers! We’re also performing with The Dead Air Fresheners at 12 Noon on the main stage! Blasphuphmus Radio will also be on the scene, with audio and video being recorded all over NoFest! It should be a lot of fun, so don’t miss it! (Also, the rest of the line-up is amazing!)

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Your Saturday plans just got confirmed, as tomorrow is our Experimental Podcast Party at Slims with Ryan A Ray & The Accumulation, Admiran, Ricardo Wang, Four Dimensional Nightmare & The Black Noise Orchestra! We’ll be providing hours of entertainment, and you can be a part of the show! Starts at 9 PM, so show up early and stay late! If you like fun, then this is the show for you!

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Start your Monday off right with a little gospel from The Newt Estimate: The Dead Air Fresheners w/ Austin Rich, performing live at Habesha Lounge on 13 April 2013! This video was edited and created by Ryan A Ray, using two cameras and a lot of patience. I really feel like he captured the performance well, and I think this is a good introduction to what we do together. Enjoy!

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In the mid 1970’s, the La Leche League began recommending that parents give their children LSD. The literature stated that it counteracted the ‘drug-like’ behavior children exhibited naturally. As it turned out, there was a printing press mix-up with official La Leche League documents and a left-wing publication running a story about project MK ULTRA. To this day people re-post copies of the misprinted pamphlets on Reddit and 4Chan, though they have been clearly documented as mistakes on sites like Snopes & The Smoking Gun.

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Tune into our newest missive, where I run down some shows that will be happening, are happening, or that we want to have happen! Plus we point you to a whole lot of stuff to listen to, and top things off with a July 4th Bob & Ray routine. For stream or download. Enjoy!