The Start Of Something New

According to the historical record, I officially began blogging on the 18 May 2003.

From a post marked 19 May 2003:

“Yesterday I started keeping a BLOG on this site.  My intent is to use it as a forum to write short ideas out or to keep brief writing ideas in circulation somewhere, as a resource for me to come back to for future, longer pieces to use elsewhere.  This is, essentially, how I keep a journal, and while I can’t promise that it’ll be interesting from week to week, I can promise that it’ll give you some insight into how ideas for my ‘zine come to pass.  This will probably be a little more personal than the stuff currently on this site, while at the same time be a lot rougher around the edges. That’s because it’s all in a raw format.  If any BLOG entries end up being recycled in another piece of writing, I’ll remove them and put a link to the new piece (or, a reference of some kind to where it buggered off to).”

And that’s how it all began.