Crunching Numbers

I was astonished to find that three different people have already noticed that I deactivated my social media accounts. I would have never imagined. Part of me assumed that no one would notice, and certainly, I don’t really feel like anyone SHOULD have noticed. But, strangely, it happened. Certainly that will drop off at some point.

The impulse to scroll through something when there is the smallest lull in everyday life is still very strong. Certainly this morning, when I first woke up, I really wanted to log back in. But I’m still resisting, for the moment. I wonder if it will last?

I DID export my FB content, and looked a little at the data. I first got on FB in 2007, then bailed on it for a few years. Because I tried to delete that original account, I couldn’t “re-login,” so I had to make a new account… and used the same account since then. (For 12 years.) I did take occasional breaks, I noticed… sometimes for months at a time. But since Covid I’ve been posting daily. Many, many… many times a day. It was not good.

In 12 years I posted over 10,300 times to FB. That’s 860 posts a year. Almost two and a half times a day.

Over half of the posts I made were about radio or shows I was playing, doing a “spot check” on my posts. And, more pointedly, the first several years I was on, it was almost ALL radio posts. It was really only about half way into that 12 year span that I started to get personal VERY regularly. I think the main issue there was that, usually, I would give up entirely on this blog, and all of that energy would wind up on social media.

Unfortunately, a fair amount of my more recent social media use has been downbeat. And, by my own hand, I think I’ve driven away anyone who would look at my social media accounts, leaving behind people that I don’t really know, except through music and radio.

Even more sad: I made about 10,000 other kinds of posts to FB that were not my actual posts: comments on other peoples posts, or engaging with other content in a pretty consistent way. I was just constantly looking for a community to engage in, never realizing that it was hours and hours of my life, being drained away, with no way for me to really re-direct that time toward… radio or ‘zines.

Sobering, for sure. Hopefully I can focus on how much energy I lost, and use that as a way of keeping me away from it in the future.

We’ll see.

When The Mode Of The Website Changes

More and more I feel like there’s some sort of dysfunction with the way I interact with social media. Certainly, it is designed to keep you there, and keep clicking / interacting. And at a time in the world’s history where we are all stuck at home, there is something sort of comforting about being plugged into some sort of cultural monolith that we can all “connect” over.

Perhaps that is old fashioned of me to want some sort of cultural touchstone that we are all connected through? Growing up where we all read the same newspaper and we all watched the same three channels and we all played the same handful of videos games, I think I am always clinging to and searching for the “mainline” part of culture, where we are all congregating together, and having some sort of “moment” together.

Going to shows really helps fill that role in someone’s life. You ARE in an experience with a lot of other people, and you know, in that moment, that you are having some sort of moment together.

Can you replicate that in some sort of digital environment? I don’t know.

But I’m pretty sure being on MyFacester+ all day long can’t possibly be the answer.

Unexpected Sunny Day

Colin forced me to go on a hike, which I was not particularly excited about, but was a good excuse to get out of the house.

And in spite of my terrible mood, it was actually a very pleasant hike. I didn’t really take a lot of pictures, but maybe I didn’t need to. Maybe the idea that I need to interact with the world and capture it is the problem?

We also ran into this little guy. Seems like he was on a bit of a hike, too. Good luck, newty friend. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself in spite of yourself, too.