March Postcards Are Ready For You!

Is it that time of year already?

Marking the one year anniversary of our collective horrific experience that we’re all still working through, here’s 30 minutes of new Mini-Mutations, meditating on everything that it means to be in the particular rut we’re all in these days. 

If you are on the mailing list: don’t worry! You will receive a postcard, just like normal. We received a couple of donations last month specifically for postage, and if you would like to help us out on that front, we would happily accept the help

If you have not received a postcard yet, and would like to know more, you can visit to get all the information. And, if you just want to take the plunge: sign up for the mailing list. 

I’ve been spending a lot less time on social media, and interacting over there just does not scale for me, right now. I need that time to focus on my kittens, editing podcasts, returning actual mailed letters that I get from people, and recording things. That doesn’t mean I won’t be off it entirely, or that I won’t return. But I just don’t have the bandwidth for it at the moment. Maybe in the future. When I’ve got a little more space for it in my everyday life.

So, if you would like some interaction, e-mail or traditional post is sort of where it’s at. I would love to get an e-mail or letter from you. I think it is actually be better way to roll…

I dig this new card. Hopefully, you do, too. 

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