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January, 2021

New Year, New Music! The old odometer has ticked over, and Mini-Mutations is here to present some songs for ruminating on our journey through the coming year. Four brand new experimental instrumentals, exploring bass, synths, and the art of college in this far-flung future date. Over thirty minutes of new music recorded of 5 January 2021, the first session like this of the new year. Getting the year off to the right start can be tricky, so we encourage folks to look both ways, and think deeply about the moment we all find ourselves in.

January 2021 Card.


December, 2020

Happy Holidays, from Mini-Mutations. Here are four new instrumental Holiday Carols to experimentally celebrate the season, in a semi-non-specific kind of way. New explorations of new gear and new ideas with new recordings made 12 December 2020, with a handful of items I received from, plus a few other new items here and there to flesh it all out. We hope that this holiday card will be the perfect thing to distract you from this crummy, crummy year.

December 2020 Card.