Photo Easter Eggs

It’s been very odd to get contacted by strangers, who want to get on the postcard mailing list. And, when I finally got copies of the Eugene Weekly,* it started to make a little more sense why they. might be inclined to seek out my e-mail address: the story takes sup half a newspaper page. That’s a lot of column inches devoted to this thing that I do. If I read this in a paper, I would probably contact me, too.

But the length of the story is still wild to me. This is sort of like being told, “Yeah, can we write a little something about (insert some small thing that you do creatively),” only to find that they are going to run with it in some amount of detail. I never thought that the postcards would be such a hit, but they were certainly a big hit with me when I got them. The way of the world is very strange.

Anyway, seeing the photo that I took in my office / studio, I realized there’s a fair number of personal Easter Eggs that are visible, and not just my trademark bow tie and Hal Jordan graying temples. So I thought it might be fun to run down some of the more interesting ones. It never occurs to me that, perhaps, I have had some adventures and have seen some things until I try to summarize something as simple as what’s in the photo that was seen in the paper.

So, to my best recollection, here’s a run down of some of the things you can see in this photo. I would say that the only real difference between the cropped photo and the full photo you can see on the website, is that you can see a lot more of the boxes of comics and ‘zines from my collection.

Anyway, in the photo, you can see:

My childhood teddy bear, Jasper, who I have had since I was four or five.

No less than two pieces of gear gifted to me by kiisu d’salyss of the band The Secret Light, who was in the very first band that I was ever in, and who has consistently gifted me useful pieces of gear over the years.

Not one but two velvet paintings, that I was given by the owners and operators of the Velveteria, when I was an employee there way back when.

A Dead Kennedys poster that was given to my by my long-lost friend Lyra, who I haven’t seen in years, and who I miss dearly.

A Star Wars kite that I have had since I saw Return of The Jedi when it was new as a kid.

A Tom Waits poster that I was gifted by the staff at the record store across from the B. Dalton bookstore I worked at.

A They Might Be Giants poster that I got from KPSU when I worked there.

A Weezer poster that was gifted to me by my sister who was downsizing the stuff she owned.

And Tiki Commander Geordi Laforge, the newest addition to that wall back there.

I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that stand out.


February’s Postcard is almost ready. If you want to get on the mailing list, send me an e-mail:

*(Thanks again, Marc Time & Cori Larson! I will happily take more copies, if you happen to have extras lying around and you would like to send it along!)


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