“Just what comprises humanism is not a simple matter for analysis. Rationality is an indispensable part to be be sure, yet humanity includes emotionality, or the capacity to feel and suffer, to know pleasure, and it includes the capacity for aesthetic satisfaction … his aspiration to feel significant and to have a sense of belonging in a world that is productive of much frustration. These at least are the properties of humanity.”

-Richard Weaver, “Language Is Sermonic,” (1963)

Apparently, all my emotional outbursts, sense of pain and frustration, desire for emotionally satisfying art, and longing for emotional connections outside my own brain DO make me human after all.

Blog Posts I Should Write

Homeless Guy Talking To Himself Follows Me Into Cell Phone Store To Get His Blue Tooth Head Set Fixed So He Can Ligitimately Talk To Himself (Actually Happened)

Gaming Kids Seen At Sports Bar, Where The Girl Of The Group Is Trying Really Hard To Follow The Star Trek Comversation Her Boyfriend Is Having (Also True)

Suicidally Depressed Person Talks Suicidally Depressed Friend Down From Their Drama (Sadly, Also True)

A Group Of Over-Achievers Can’t Have A Conversation Because They’re Too Busy One-Upping Each Other (Torn From The Pages Of Work)

Blogger Finds Himself Blogging In Spite Of Attempts Not To (Etc., Etc.)

By Crom’s sword…

There’s Something You Don’t See Everyday

On the bus today, I saw a heavy-set black woman with long, slender dreadlocks get on the bus. She was somewhere in her 20’s or 30’s, with a slightly sub-culture tinge to her dress. The only thing that really set her apart from the many other women I’ve seen who look like this was the poorly-applied white-face make-up she wore, like a circular bubble. She proceeded to pull out a ‘zine, and read it for the duration of her 10-block trip.

Not a single person commented on this, during or after the ride.

Until now.