Facebook Post: 2017-12-07T12:52:30

I loaned a couple minutes of my voice to an audio piece that will air on this show tomorrow, 2 PM west coast US time. This is part of an appearance on the show by Vicki Bennett, and I’ll be interviewing her on Mid-Valley Mutations next Friday at 10 PM. You should listen to both, and soak in some excellent radio.

To complement our show Friday, which was heavy with my interview with Wobbly. We didn’t get time to play selections of his music, strangely. So, this mini-mutation features music from Wobbly’s career, focusing on stuff we mentioned during the interview. And: stay tuned to the very end, for a short sample of his as-yet-unreleased new record, Monitress. Happy Sunday.

Raw Wobbly (#79a)

Facebook Post: 2017-12-01T10:21:38

Capping off my trio of conversations with members of Negativland, tonight we have an excellent conversation with the incomparable Wobbly. We discuss his solo work, inheriting Over The Edge from Don Joyce, and the future of his solo work. (Monitress, which he explored just this morning on his program!) And: MKUltramegaphone are in the studio, after many weeks off! You won’t want to miss this one, at 10 PM, sharp! It’s Negativland November, In December!