March Postcards Are Ready For You!

Is it that time of year already?

Marking the one year anniversary of our collective horrific experience that we’re all still working through, here’s 30 minutes of new Mini-Mutations, meditating on everything that it means to be in the particular rut we’re all in these days. 

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I’ve been spending a lot less time on social media, and interacting over there just does not scale for me, right now. I need that time to focus on my kittens, editing podcasts, returning actual mailed letters that I get from people, and recording things. That doesn’t mean I won’t be off it entirely, or that I won’t return. But I just don’t have the bandwidth for it at the moment. Maybe in the future. When I’ve got a little more space for it in my everyday life.

So, if you would like some interaction, e-mail or traditional post is sort of where it’s at. I would love to get an e-mail or letter from you. I think it is actually be better way to roll…

I dig this new card. Hopefully, you do, too. 

Our Program Launches March 21st!

Our new program launches on 21 March 2021. There’s a lot more information over on that page.

20 Minutes Into The Future

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36 years ago, BBC 4 took a chance on a very unusual 60 minute “telefilm,” that was to offer the backstory for their new “digital presenter,” who would be showing 13 weeks of music video programing later that Spring and Summer.

What began as an experiment in testing out “cyberpunk” on broadcast television, became “Max Headroom,” who ran rampant through our culture as he moved from mainframe to mainframe, infecting us with the same kind of digital buoyancy that we were all looking for in the…

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Facebook Post: 2021-02-09T07:17:25

Our “Max Headroom” podcast launches 21 March. Our second episode, where we talk about the BBC 4 telefilm, will air exactly 36 years after the original broadcast, at 23:00 GMT. (6 PM EST, or 3 PM PST.)

You can subscribe today, and hear a 10 Minute sample of our pilot. Then get ready for our official launch, March 21st.

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We Now Live in The Future!

Facebook Post: 2021-02-04T07:42:41

My submission for the #SalemSnailMailArtSwap happening @artdepartmentsupply, which will get dropped in the mail this morning. This includes a collage on the envelope, a mail-art collage piece inside, three mini-‘zines (limited quantities, hand cut/folded/numbered, available via the mail), and three pieces of Mutated Money, each one with unique serial numbers. I’m really looking forward to this art show, and I can’t wait for more stuff like this to happen in the area. Well done, @artdepartmentsupply!

Mini-Mutations makes a couple appearances on Lord Litter Radio!

Combing back through all the various missives that have reached me in recent months, I failed to mention that Mini-Mutations has been getting a little action on the radio shows of Lord Litter!

Lord Litter has been making compilations and radio shows since 1987, and you can find almost all the broadcasts on It seems as if the Lord seems to enjoy the split release I put out with Michael Cosma, which you can still get on CD, and digitally through I’m quite proud of that one too, as it is my Halloween release.

So, why don’t you tune in to Lord Litter’s show? He’s got excellent taste, and a very cool radio show.

Complexity Is Here!

File this one under the, “It got shoved in the back and was lost for a little while,” heading, as it was certainly overlooked.

Just before the end of the year, Lob Instagon released the most recent installment of their COMPLEXITY compilation series, something that was very long overdue, and which, as of this writing, is accepting submissions for the SIXTH volume. This is a series not bound by genre, but does try to keep submissions in the “eight minutes or less” category of music. As the saying goes, “Life is Complexity – Complexity is NOW.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve been on one of these compilations. For this particular series, I’ve been working on a very long Mini-Mutations piece, that is all about Complex Numbers. I recorded the bulk of the piece way back when I first submitted to this comp, so I actually haven’t revisited any of this material in quite some time. It is sort of foreign to me, in that way, and I’m pleasantly surprised at the results.

These comps are all fantastic, and are a good overview of some excellent artists working in experimental music right now. Plus, I like the mission statement: as long as there are new submissions, and as long as everyone is still interested, this series will keep going. And, they are free! What better price for you to enjoy some excellent new music.

Thanks again for your support, and thanks again to Lob, for making such excellent music for the work to enjoy.