The Adventures of Marcus Little

The Adventures of Marcus Little


This Supernatural Radio Noir from Mid-Valley Mutations & Pecho Grande Films is a fully scripted audio drama, with a cast of characters that includes musicians, voice actors & comedians, all offering their take on the kinds of stories that you would hear on Old Time Radio.

This program was featured on KOWS, KWVA,, and on (And is still available, if you are interested in airing it, too.)

This experimental audio drama ties into the feature film Phylum Sipuncula, and features Negativland’s The Weatherman and Little Fyodor himself providing voices, along with original music by Brendan Murray, Emma Pace Jonas & Matt Orefice.

This program was produced by Matt Orefice & Austin Rich, and is available as a limited run series, which you an hear in iTunes or in the aggregator of your choice.

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