Facebook Post: 2014-07-23T06:01:28

It’s done. My new 60 Minute film entitled “Why Are We Here?” is ready for your viewing enjoyment. Here’s a direct link to watch the whole thing. You can also go to The YouTubes, and check out each individual segment, and many other videos, too. This is a compilation, featuring a number of great artists and directors. I’m pretty proud of the work everyone did here. Enjoy!

Facebook Post: 2014-07-22T18:57:09

Okay, tonight at 12 Midnight: BlasphuphmusRadio.com VideoZine #4 is now ready: “Why Are We Here?” is finally ready for you to enjoy. I’m proud of the videos we have in this collection, and it includes incredible work by incredible artists, including: Paco Jone, Space Gambus Experiment w/ Eric Hausmann, The Nervous, RABBITS, Valkyrie Rodeo, Half Eye, Iarvles, The Thrash-key Kids, SLOTHS, and so much more. Here’s a previous of the Nasalrod clip that’s included. “Why Are We Here?” We don’t have answers, but we do have a great video.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-16T06:16:52

While Miss Rikki & I regroup and make plans for the future, here’s a (nearly) two hour show, all vinyl, offering tribute to one of the most incredible personalities from the last several decades, Lester Bangs. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-15T21:37:53

Problem: The thing we paid for isn’t working. I want a new one, I want it fixed, or I want my money back.

Solution: You can have as many new broken items as you want, we can repair all the broken ones to just short of working, and you can’t have your money back.

Problem: You suck, how can I get someone to genuinely listen to my problems?

Solution: Capitalism. Now give us more money for shit that doesn’t work, or we’ll give more stuff to the NSA.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-15T18:53:45

Our next VideoZine is nearly complete, and to help prepare for it, here’s a 60 second preview of the kinds of things you can expect when this comes out. This is more of a video compilation, with a number of artists submitting material they made and directed, in addition to some live videos I filmed. “Why Are We Here?” There’s only one way to find out. Stay tuned.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-14T08:05:13

Miss Rikki & Tunacan Jones bring you another episode of Closet Radio, “Seventy Percent Chance Of Stains.” Featuring music by The Count Five, Flipper, Avengers, Damned, Mothers of Invention, and many more. This is a pretty great episode if you’re looking for something to rock you within an inch of your life. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-11T07:57:00

This weeks offering: “On The Flip Side.” A Symbolic Deconstruction of real problems and Waiting Room in-jokes through audio metaphors that are just on the edge of awareness. Flip Wilson, George Carlin, Anti-Cilantro PSAs, Stress Relief With Tranquilizers, Firesign Theater, and Vanilla Fudge. Life imitates art that is aware that is is art. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-10T10:26:02

The day after the fourth of July, Miss Rikki climbs into her radio spacecraft, to deliver music and merriment by Oingo Boingo, The Soviettes, Bloodshot Bill, The Ramones, Rilo Kiley, Gun Club, Buzzcocks, and more. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-10T09:15:14

Tune in for Ricardo Wang’s wrap-up of the 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival. 60 Minutes jam-packed with sounds of, by and from that annual festival. These shows are always a treat, and are well worth you time. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-08T12:51:25

If sludgy, doomy metal is your bag, then we have a treat from you. Another “from the archives” remastering of the video footage shot when Towers dropped by Closet Radio. This video contains every scrap of footage that exists from their performance, remastered sound, and the members of Australia’s DEAD lurking around in the background. Now you can see what we saw with this 30 Minute presentation of Towers. Enjoy.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-06T22:22:07

Now available, for this first time in this form: “Six Songs” by Sweat Lodge, the incredible group from San Francisco that took over Closet Radio last May. This video has been carefully assembled from all existing footage of this fantastic performance, and for the first time ever, includes remastered audio, too. Sit back for 20 mintues of pop, punk, fuzz, and good times with “Six Songs” by Sweat Lodge.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-04T19:45:40

In 2011 I revisited the theme of our Nation’s Birthday with this program featuring audio regarding this simulacrum of a holiday. Lots of music. weird mixes, the sounds of fireworks, and the usual nonsense you’ve come to know and love. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-04T19:42:52

As it is the reason for the season, check out this vintage 4th of July Broadcast from 2007. In this episode, we call in and get live reporting from an actual BBQ happening live, and play some fantastic music. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-03T23:33:48

Miss Rikki & I throw you to the wolves with a Jazz Heavy show contemplating what it means to experience loniliness, and being alone. Then, we interview Kevin McCallister PHD in Social Science, with an emphasis on people who spend a lot of time at Home, Alone. Miles, Monk, Parker, Robert Redford. Available for stream or download.

Facebook Post: 2014-07-03T22:02:40

Miss Rikki & I pay tribute to The People Who Died: Devo, Rik Mayall, Beastie Boys, Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Velvet Underground (Lou Reed), Casey Casam, The Doors (Ray Manzarak), Bill Haley & The Comets (one of the Comets passed). Plus: Three Dead Callers?

Facebook Post: 2014-07-03T10:40:38

My friend Markus hosts a German Language podcast containing various kinds of trivia. I understand that the last episode was about baseball, but as someone who doesn’t know german, I’m going on rumor and here-say. But Markus is a stand-up gentleman, and I’m sure that it is just as entertaining when you know the language the hosts are speaking. You should check it out.