2021 Less Weird Exchange

2020 * 2021 * Music Exchange Guidelines

Our 2021 Exchange is now underway! If you would like to participate in the exchange for 2022, contact Austin.

Here is our playlist for 2021:

01: January: Cyveiliog

This cassette release is a very unique way to start off the exchange, as it is sort of a different kind of musical exploration than what most folks will be offering for this exchange. Still, Cyveiliog is a project that explores the boundaries of music, and offers a release for this artist to let out all the different ideas that they’re trying to get out. This particular tape is divided into two tracks, and I think they are both excellent. A great opening volley for 2021!

02: February: Kiley Petencin

New to our exchange group this year, this EP of singer / songwriter songs by Kiley Petencin is an excellent introduction to their work. Intimate and personal songs about life, with a wonderfully DIY feel to every element of the package. It’s always exciting to have new artists in the group, and I think Kiley will be a force in years to come.

04: April: Delusions of Parasitosis

Also new to our exchange group this year, this EP of electronic, sample heavy music is the first release by the long-time-coming project, Delusions of Parasitosis, a group that I have been hearing demos of since the late 90’s. Somewhere between electronic dance and the political ideology of Negativland (with occasional rock and roll jams), this is EP is a wonderful slab of dance tunes that will give you pause and a chance to reflect when the workout is done.

05: May: The Basement Tapes

This year, Heather Zajkowski has offered us a tour through material that has been languishing away on cassette in a basement for far too many years. This is a journey through music that Heather has been involved with, but also includes a number of unreleased, local, and otherwise cassette-only sounds that are hard to find almost anywhere else. That is, except for the members of this group!

06: June: LOB – In Thee Age Ov No Stage

Lob Instagon is a performer of a wide range of skills and talents, and a pandemic really stops someone like him in his tracks, pretty hard. So something like “In Thee Age Ov No Stage” is the perfect antidote to that kind of captivity. Lob offers poetry and compositions, on a professionally duplicated CD! This one is a lot of fun, and is unique for this particular music exchange! Enjoy!

(Upcoming Releases)

03: March: Brett Opel

07: July: Paul & Tyler Scott

08: August: Kelly Taylor

09: September: Obadiah Baird

10: October: Alex & Jen Carmichael

11: November: Max Eastman

12: December: Austin Rich / Shot Reverse Shot