2021 Less Weird Exchange

2020 * 2021 * Music Exchange Guidelines

Our 2021 Exchange is now underway! If you would like to participate in the exchange for 2022, contact Austin.

Here is our playlist for 2021:

02: February: Kiley Petencin

New to our exchange group this year, this EP of singer / songwriter songs by Kiley Petencin is an excellent introduction to their work. Intimate and personal songs about life, with a wonderfully DIY feel to every element of the package. It’s always exciting to have new artists in the group, and I think Kiley will be a force in years to come.

04: April: Delusions of Parasitosis

Also new to our exchange group this year, this EP of electronic, sample heavy music is the first release by the long-time-coming project, Delusions of Parasitosis, a group that I have been hearing demos of since the late 90’s. Somewhere between electronic dance and the political ideology of Negativland (with occasional rock and roll jams), this is EP is a wonderful slab of dance tunes that will give you pause and a chance to reflect when the workout is done.

(Upcoming Releases)

01: January: William R. Harris

03: March: Brett Opel

05: May: Heather Zajkowski

06: June: Lob Instagon

07: July: Paul & Tyler Scott

08: August: Kelly Taylor

09: September: Obadiah Baird

10: October: Alex & Jen Carmichael

11: November: Max Eastman

12: December: Austin Rich / Shot Reverse Shot