2023 Less Weird Exchange

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Here is our playlist for 2023:


01: January: Xeres of Xeron

What an excellent way to kick off our 2023 Music Exchange, than with a new group member, offering a new flavor and texture to our proceedings. This first release is a CD of recordings featuring Xeres of Xeron, a local performer who lives somewhere in the wilds of Oregon, and has been performing in bands since the 80’s. This CD contains a brand new song – “Three Nines” – complete with a lyric sheet that folds out, and explanatory notes, too! Also included on the disc are three piano compositions performed just before the old Kohler & Cambell was hauled away. Also included are four pieces from the two different “XANDAR” sessions (Xeres AND Austin Rich), which are here in a rough form. (Plans to release these in another, remastered form are in the works.) Xeres new song is an evocative performance that captures a sound that feels new and familiar at the same time, and the sequencing on the disc makes for an organic and delightful listening experience. An excellent beginning to what promises to be an exciting year of exchanges!


02: February: Sentimental Witches

New to our group this year, “Sentimental Witches” has produced a modern classical arrangement of our January Release! It’s all very layered: performed by Bir Nəfər’s Xymphonic Utopchestra, consisting of a large number of players that almost requires a separate page so we can credit them all, “XardoX” is the album that we ultimately get to enjoy: 78 1/2 minutes of compositions, spread out over five tracks. A truly unique release, and a great way to enjoy February. Hopefully you didn’t have to destroy the packaging to get the disc out, which almost happened to me.



03: March: Delusions of Parasitosis



04: April: ØÜð – Mold 02

As mentioned in the liner notes, this year, Igor (Lezet to those who were with us last year) has sent this 3″ disc from Serbia – by way of the Lava Lamp Lounge – to offer you a glimpse into one of their other projects. Self-described as a “plunderphonics” project, for this release, Igor captured recordings of 110+ year old 78 RPM recordings, and then re-mixed and “mangled” them, to create the sounds you hear on this collection. Essentially an EP’s worth of new ideas created from old ideas.



05: May: Dev



06: June: Josh Blanchard


07: July: Tom Carey



08: August: Austin



09: September: Austin



10: October: Obadiah Baird



11: November: Alex & Jen Carmichael



12: December: William R. Harris

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