2021 Exchange

2020 * 2021 * Music Exchange Guidelines 

Our 2021 Exchange is Underway! Here is our Playlist for this year:

01: January: Mini-Mutations / Austin Rich


To kick our our exchange, here is a new release by Mini-Mutations. “Reading Nancy Comics And Listening To Irv Teibel,” is a collection of live performances, with one brand new studio composition, that are all currently unavailable elsewhere. Over an hour of Mutations that are as serious as they are funny. This collection is avaialble to group members first, and will be available for wider distribution later this year.

* * * * * *

02: February: Dylan Houser

The incredibly prolific Dylan Houser delivers another dose of incredible music, this time a series of guitar explorations that take the instrument to places that are near and dear to Dylan’s heart, while offering some compelling drive and excellent textures to give this disc excellent sound with repeated listenings. I recommend playing this one loud, to soak in the dynamic range.
* * * * * *

03: March: Kyle Linneman (Clodewerks)


“Numberwerks” is a series of experimental performances by Kyle Linneman, who explores sound and music with his horn, producing a release that is equally transcendent and calculated, at the same time. this is a fascinating release, unlike most of the stuff we’ve had in this exchange, and a welcome change of pace.


04: April: Fiver’s Stereo / Jay Decosta Peele


Too New To Have Any Web Presence!

(Upcoming Releases)

05: May: Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III

06: June: Neal D Retke / {AN} EeL


07: July: Sqriations / Natethan


08: August: My Burning Bush / William R. Harris

09: September: Aversion To Reality / Bill Northcott

10: October: I Died / Chris Gierig

12: December: TanukiSpiderCat / Colleen

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