2020 Exchange

2020 * 2021 * Music Exchange Guidelines

In 2019 I was invited to participate in two different music exchanges, one for tapes, and one for CDs, where we were supposed to mail out music we made to other folks in the group. I loved the idea, and really began to enjoy waiting for the discs for arrive. So for 2020, I organized my own exchange.

In it, members were allowed to use any format for their final release. The goal was to get the releases done for “your month,” but with 2020 being what is it, we have been very liberal with the deadlines.

Here are the participants from the 2020 Exchange.

07: July: u+1f642

10: October: Don Haugen

11: November: Needless Dog Surgery

* * * * * *

01: January: Deejay Embryonicpetitsac

This two-track release from the masked master of oddity, came on a CDr packaged with a defaced lazerdisc and some mangled trading cards.

02: February: Formaldehydra

Distributed on a professionally duplicated disc (sent in a plain white envelope), this brutal slab of noise is wonderfully soothing in its overall delivery.

03: March: Bast Awakening / DEATH MUTATIONS Split.

Bast Awakening is Ellen Klowden (of Dryad Drone) & I Died. DEATH MUTATIONS is I Died and Mini-Mutations, together! And for good measure, snuck in at the end, is a secret Mini-Mutations track, “The Crowd.” You can order a copy here for $8, shipping included.

04: April: I Died

The mind behind the Black & Purple cassettes issues some brand new I Died, which is usually a treat for those lucky enough to catch one of his shows in the Eugene area.

05: May: Aversion To Reality

This bleepy and bloopy strangeness from Canada features some strange beats, odd vocals, bizarre instruments, and wonderful sounds that you really need to hear.

06: June: Fiver’s Stereo

In this professionally duplicated disc with a wonderfully designed cover offers some breathtaking sonic explorations with synths, sounds, and plenty of open-eyed wonder.

08: August: r33k

As with the average r33k performance, you are never quite sure what to expect with their releases. Take this one, with guitar tracks, tunes recorded entirely in analog, and the typical noise freak outs that you might expect from them.

09: September: Jocko Homomorphism

Continuing the kinds of explorations that they are well known for, this 40 minute slab of new Jocko Homomorphism is one continuous performance that pays off the more you listen to it.

12: December: My Burning Bush


To close out the year, we get this release from My Burning Bush, another installment of the kinds of drones and experiments that they are prone to do, with this wonderful card as part of the packaging.

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