Postcard Story

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At some point in 2019 I received my first postcard from Dylan Houser, and since then have become very enamored with not only the material on these cards, but the idea behind them, too. This was a throwback to the old playable postcards that they used to make, with little LP grooves in the card itself. (Apparently there are some companies that still do this, too.) However, Dylan’s cards were activated with QR codes, that allowed the postcard to also become phone-activated. In a way, it was the blending of the lowest technology with the highest, and that simple idea got my mind turning.

My postcards are designed / created with new art every month, and features a digital component that you can activate through a QR Code. But aside from the functional aspects of the card, they are a simple postcard that you get in the mail, too, and in that regard, I’ll be making one each month, as a new way to engage with making, creating, and thinking about how to challenge my process as a person who makes things. On the plus side: you can get a postcard in the mail, and enjoy it.

These songs aren’t going to be on Bandcamp, and they won’t be released in any conventional form any time soon. These are just for the people who get the postcards. It’s not that these are supposed to be a secret, or some sort of hidden treasure. You can’t just download them from some easy-to-find website, or stream them through Spotify. Having to engage with the postcard is sort of the point, and hopefully that is something we can both share, together.

In order to receive the postcards, you’ll need to support me over on my Digital Lemonade Stand. Your support keeps this kind of DIY art alive. Join us, and feel the thrill of music delivered to your mailbox, from our hours to yours.