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Our Halloween / Holiday release for October brings back a project that I’ve been excited to see return ever since the pandemic sort of shut us down. DEATH MUTATIONS is back with 25 minutes of new HORROR / NOISE that sounds like we summoned something… bad. This is another one of those pieces that’s designed to hear as a whole, but has three distinct parts. Perfect atmosphere for trick or treaters, or just for someone who like that sort of thing around the house. 

* * * * * *

September, 2021: The Short Pockets – “2:12” (Demo) Single

As we were all sort of casting around, looking for fun things to do again, it occurred to us that we could just write and record songs to help pass the time, until there’s shows and music again. And so: The Short Pockets were born. This postcard contains demo mixes of two songs from “The 2:12 EP,” which was later released digitally on Bandcamp. But this is the rough mix.  

* * * * * *

August, 2021: The Eleven-SixtyFours – WAKE UP! Single

Something happened as Summer began to wear on, and I got into a songwriting jag that I needed to play out, and see where it went. To that end, I knocked out another single by The Eleven-SixtyFours. Here’s another couple of punk songs to be quickly digested forgotten by the time the next song starts. 

* * * * * *

July, 2021: The Olsen Twins Ghostlight Ensemble – New Explorations EP

Covid hit The Olsen Twins Ghostlight Ensemble harder than almost every other project that I am involved with, and as we continue to try and find ways to bring this project back, rare get together’s like this are incredibly valuable. Here are nearly an hour of new jams, by Eave, Soga and Rich. This was a lovely, outdoor jam that really felt great, and hopefully we can get the project back on its feet, as soon as possible. 

* * * * * *

June, 2021: The Eleven-SixtyFours – DIY OR DIE Single

Born out of listening to the various commentaries I was hearing regarding staying as “centrist” as possible, in one afternoon I wrote and recorded these two songs, adopting a sound and an ideology that I haven’t pursued in years. And thus The Eleven-SixtyFours were born. Short, quick, immediate punk songs, for these modern times. 

* * * * * *

May, 2021: Mini-Mutations “May Flowers” EP

This five-part piece can work as individual songs, but “May Flowers” was originally one continuous piece, and might work better that way. Still, this does contain over 30 minutes of different meditations on different “May” thoughts, and features actual photography from my own camera. Mini-Mutations lazily makes our way through the spring… 

* * * * * *

April, 2021: Austin Rich reads Flann O’Brien

Partially an April Fool, and mostly a plug for the radio show I do locally here in Salem, this postcard collects over 30 minutes of Flann O’Brien, in the guise of Myles na gCopaleen (the newspaper columnist), discussing the new business of “Book Handling.” This bit of lost comedy was serialized on the radio, but for the first time were collected in one place, for this card. Over 30 minutes of spoken word, perfect for someone who prefers a sort of “dry wit.”

* * * * * *

March, 2021: Mini-Mutations – “Processing Everything” EP

As the year wore on, the news became more or more difficult to deal with. This EP of maudlin meditations was the Mini-Mutations method of trying to make sense of it al. Three takes on this notion, three chances to sort it out, over 30 minutes for you to consider it all, too. (This postcard also contained a bonus link to plug the new podcast, “20 Minutes Into The Future.”)

* * * * * *

February, 2021: Shot Reverse Shot – “All Night Flight / Starcloud Light” (Demo) Single

To commemorate the release of the debut album and single by Shot Reverse Shot, this postcard offers some insight into the as-yet-to-be-released-or-finished FORTHCOMING Shot Reverse Shot album, that may not be ready until 2023. But for now, this single offers action, excitement, adventure, and a party, all between Sides A & B.

* * * * * *

January, 2021: Mini-Mutations – Janus, Left & Right EP

New Year, New Music! The old odometer has ticked over, and Mini-Mutations is here to present some songs for ruminating on our journey through the coming year. Four brand new experimental instrumentals, exploring bass, synths, and the art of college in this far-flung future date. Over thirty minutes of new music recorded of 5 January 2021, the first session like this of the new year. Getting the year off to the right start can be tricky, so we encourage folks to look both ways, and think deeply about the moment we all find ourselves in.

* * * * * *

December, 2020: Mini-Mutations – “A Carol-ing We Go Along” EP

Happy Holidays, from Mini-Mutations. Here are four new instrumental Holiday Carols to experimentally celebrate the season, in a semi-non-specific kind of way. New explorations of new gear and new ideas with new recordings made 12 December 2020, with a handful of items I received from, plus a few other new items here and there to flesh it all out. We hope that this holiday card will be the perfect thing to distract you from this crummy, crummy year.