uBradio Salon Presents: Soda Jerks! 4th Sundaes on DFM.nu!

Starting this Sunday (and every 4th Sundae of the month), two new permanent (until they die) interns at uBradio Salon’s Chakra Chimp uBkitchens have volunteered to entertain your ear-holes monthly, curating a cacophonic soda fountain of bits of words accompanied by noises, via the magic of the internet.

Reluctantly sponsored by veteran sodajerks pxe & dAs, your pain will be theirs as well.
Make sure to bring a pocketful of quarters—you’ll want to play these sodajerks’ juke box.

Sunday, October 24, 2021
5:00pm-7:00pm Pacific
0.00-2.00 GMT / 2.00-4.00 CEST
SodaJerks Present: 4th Sundae
with guest hosts:
univac + Austin Rich

live audio broadcast via
DFM Radio International
LISTEN via the RADIO STREAM: > STEREO.dfm.nu or MONO.dfm.nu
(more stream choices at DFM.nu)
or radio player at UBUIBI.org

CHAT link on DFM.nu page
DISCORD chat: https://discord.com/invite/fJJgtQM

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