Postcard Art, 2021

As the future becomes less and less certain for all of us, we all need to find something fun to cling to that will offer us some hope as we strap in for an uncomfortable year coming up. It’s hard enough to remember to do the chores if everything is falling apart, let alone face the neighbors with the same vim and vigor that you once contained. You need a little something to put a little zest in your step, even if it is temporary and arbitrary. 

With that in mind, we are sending out 12 postcards next year, one for each month, that will offer a unique look into the work I do. With the inclusion of visual art and QR codes, you will get a multi-media creative piece of mail art, delivered to your home once a month. This is very much inspired by the wonderful musical postcards that Dylan Houser / Formaldehydra has been sending out this year. They are such a delight to receive, I had to go and make my own. 

There is no cost to you, if you want to get your address on the list, just send me an e-mail. But donations are very much appreciated.

Postcard Art, 2021. Do Your Part! Mail Some Art!

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