Cosma-Mutations Halloween CD is Now Available

SKULL / May The Circle Be Unbroken Split Release by Michael A. Cosma & Mini-Mutations

Michael A. Cosma

EC Split 04 Digital Release by Hal McGee.

WTBC 0025. CD Release, limited to 50, numbered copies, hand made/cut/folded and duplicated in The Lava Lamp Lounge.

Experimental Horror, and a Halloween Novelty Treat, all available from the wonderful minds encased within the skulls of Michael A. Cosma & Austin Rich, both members of the notorious Electronic Cottage, run by Hal McGee. Hal devised an incredible series of Split Digital Releases, where he paired artists to create a sixty minute audio release. In installment four, things get spooky.

Perfect for putting on the porch as Fall Sets In and The Ghouls are roaming about, or for quiet contemplation with you and a select friend you wish to frighten to death. This disc is constructed to work well using the repeat feature, where you could play the entire thing, end of end, over and over, to evoke the perfect atmosphere for waking the dead.

Michael A. Cosma pulls us through his vision of a dark portion of the skeleton, with songs that demand attention while offering moments of exquisite terror. Then, join Mini-Mutations for a suite of new compositions, all a soundtrack to a story eerily familiar, and yet, wholly unique, too.

Each CD comes with two BONUS download codes, offering listeners a chance to enjoy our previous Halloween releases, too:

The Ways of Ghosts: A Halloween spoken word album by Austin Rich that is currently out of print on CD! Featured are Ghost Stories written by Ambrose Bierce, with a few other stories that also evoke a certain mood perfect for the holiday season.

Hallowtide Harmonies: A collection of live performances by Mini-Mutations, all designed to fit the mood and atmosphere of this time of year. All of these were recorded during the 2018 west coast tour with Mark Hosler, and haven’t been performed again since.

Also included is a digital ‘Zine, collecting a variety of Halloween essays written by Austin Rich.

The songs on this disc are only available digitally over at the Electronic Cottage, but if you want this limited CD, it can be yours for the low-low cost of $5.00, which includes shipping.

Prepare for the holiday season, the only way you know how: with new, Experimental Horror by Michael A. Cosma & Mini-Mutations!

Order WTBC 0025.

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