It’s Time To Enter THE PORTAL

The Portal
The Portal

Now available for the first time ever in a digital form: The Portal!

In the mid ’90’s, during the rise of ‘zine culture, The Portal emerged as a completely nonsensical, barely coherent collection of comics, inside jokes, occasional political insight, with elements filled in from things found on the streets of Eugene, Oregon.  While their output was very minimal, and their influence even less so, they trod ground that few other publications had, and fewer will ever consider, no less.

Join us for over 150 pages of drug-damaged ‘ziney goodness, made the old-fashioned way: with pen, paper, and a lot of free time.  All six issues exist, and many pages are available in color for the first time, ever.

Re-live the adventures of Pete The Junky Duck, The Church of Blasphuphmus (Not Jesus), The C.I.A., yet another mysterious entity named ‘bob,’ and a host of other oddities and text that almost, but not quite, makes compete nonsense.

It’s time to enter The Portal*, available digitally for the first time ever.  Enjoy the ’90’s in a way almost no one has ever enjoyed.

* C Actually Helped The Puppy

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