A Call For Audio Artists

Your Record Could End Up Here, Or On Our Comp
Your Record Could End Up Here, Or On Our Comp

This is an open call for artists who are interested in contributing a piece of their audio work to an upcoming digital compilation that is being assembled through this humble blog.  Now that our radio arm has a much more secure digital outpost over at BlasphuphmusRadio.com, we want to finally fulfill a dream of ours since the mid-’90’s: to release music by artists that we love.  However, technology has always prevented us from pursuing this dream fully.  Now that digital distribution has created a world where we can easily overcome the hurdles we encountered in those days, I want to take advantage of this new world in an effort of creating something I think will be quite fun.  But I need your help to do it.

The Compilation will accompany a new ‘zine that will be coming out in the near future.  It is tentatively titled, “Lost In The Supermarket.”  The ‘zine will be roughly 30 pages, and will come with a digital access code that you can only get with a copy of the ‘zine.  This access code will allow readers to enjoy a companion compilation, featuring artists that contribute their audio creations.  The first print run will be 100 copies.  I may do a second printing if there is demand.

This is as much an experiment as it is an opportunity to finally put my spin on a music compilation.  I would love to include your work as part of this project.

Please contact me at austinrich@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Confirmed Artists Thusfar:

The Dead Air Fresheners
Paco Jones
Nil Admirari
Toggy & The Hogwyldes
Honey Vizer
Josh Jones
Alpha Protist
Half Eye
The Primitive Idols
(Formerly) The Knives & Plates & Forks & Spoons
Pez Abacus
Delusions of Parasitosis
The Nervous
The Miss
Muscle Beach ‘n’ Friend(s)

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