Our 2012 Calendar

Time Keep's On Steve Millering Into The Obscure
Time Keep’s On Steve Millering Into The Obscure

As we begin to look down the barrel of the end of the year, it seem appropriate to direct listeners to some of the seasonal highlights that are on the horizon.  We have a number of great opportunities coming our away as we close out the year, and I wanted to give them mention well in advance, to give you ample warning so you could put these dates on the calendar.  As usual, you can keep track of all upcoming Blasphuphmus Radio events here, where the calendar is as up-to-date as we are.

11 September falls on a Tuesday, and this year I’ve decided to do a tribute to our fair country in a holiday broadcast, tentatively titled “Bless This Mess.”  While I am making every effort to keep this episode in the realm of “harmless fun,” I should warn people with sensitive natures to avoid this episode entirely, as I am sure that there will be some elements of this program that will undoubtedly offend.  I would feel bad if I didn’t, actually.

October is our annual Halloween Spook-tacular!, where we pull out all the stops and bring you the best in the only kind of holiday music I care about.  Certainly one of my favorite series of shows, you can subscribe to only these episodes – and many of our past Halloween shows – at this handy iTunes link, which includes tributes to The Mad Daddy, Ghoulardi, a number of Edgar Allen Poe stories, and every Halloween novelty record I’ve been able to get my hands upon.  This has been a tradition now going back to 2002, and if you love Halloween music as much as I do, then these shows are gonna be up your alley.

27 November will feature a relatively new tradition here on the program, our Thanksgiving Leftovers! series, now in our fourth year.  You can also subscribe to this series in iTunes.  While the last few years have been sort of a hodge podge of this, that and the other, but I’m thinking of taking this series into a different direction.  If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to send them our way.

We have the good fortune of having both Christmas and New Years fall on Tuesdays this year, which means that you will not only get an X-Mas Memories episode, but a New Year’s Dawning program that will fall on the appropriate date, even!  While our previous New Year’s episodes are only available via hunting them down in the archive, you can receive a number of our past X-Mas episodes in iTunes.  My opinions of the holiday have changed drastically over time, and I’ve celebrated this time of year in a number of different ways since 1998.  This particular podcast feed offers you live music performances, anti-holiday sentiments, experimental holiday jams, and everything in-between.

We’re also hoping to fit in a number of other shows here and there, and we’re still hammering out the complete details for some of these shows.  In the near future we will be broadcasting a collaborative show with Cornelus F. Van Stafrin III, a great experimental artist who I’ve recorded a few times over the years.  There’s also a few other irons in the fire, but I don’t want to speak too prematurely.  I will merely say that you will know the moment I do.

As always, don’t forget to hit us up in the myriad of ways the Inter-Web-A-Tron offers in this far-flung date of 2012.  Audience participation does happen at blasphuphmus@gmail.comor at blasphuphmus on Skype.  Feel free to “enjoy” us on MyFacester+, or berate us @blasphuphmus on Twitter.

While it may seem corny to request your digital support in this way, there is an actual difference that is made when you interact with those interfaces, and click those buttons.  The more traffic our pages gets, the more other people get a chance to see the site, learn about what we do, and become exposed to this particular thing we all know and love.  If you are a fan, and if you enjoy the program, go to our pages, give us a thumbs up, tell us why you like us, what brings you back for more, and what we can do to improve the show.  Just because I’ve been at this for 14 years now doesn’t mean I exactly know what I’m doing.  I keep learning with each passing year, and I am always treading new territory when it comes to how I can improve what I do.  The best way I can do this is to hear from you.

You guys are wonderful, you guys are beautiful, and without you there would be now show.

Be seeing you.

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