The Smallest Thing That’s Known To Man

We live in an old, weird, drafty, noisy, and otherwise poorly constructed house, completed in 1900 (according to the city records). While most of the modern conveniences of the 20th Century have been crufted onto it’s weak and aged frame, every time I take a shower I am instantly reminded of the first few lines of a song by Lorne Elliott (which I originally heard as a youth on a Dr. Demento tape a friend of mine forwarded to me in school one day):

“The smallest thing that’s known to man’s a subatomic particle measured scientifically under lab conditions to be ten centimeters taken to the minus thirteenth power / But though that’s very small, it’s really not that small at all compared to the line that is ever so fine, that separates the hot from the cold on the handle of my shower.”

I can’t vouch for the rest of the song being accurate, but dammit, he nailed that bit.

One thought on “The Smallest Thing That’s Known To Man

  1. >oh man i know this feeling, at my grandma’s house we drew a line on the handle that was the “if you turn it past this point you will be scalded” line


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