Austin’s 40th Birthday Listening Guide

As I put some of the finishing touches on the shenanigans that I have planned for the latter part of April, I thought it would be fun to assemble a sort of “listening guide” for the artists that are performing for the show.  There are eight bands over two days, all with decidedly different styles and forms.  While Day 1 is decidedly experimental, and Day 2 is very much a “rock” show, even among those categorizations, there’s a fair amount of diversity.  In my case, hearing is always believing, and I enjoy being able to delve into the work of an artist so I know what I’ll be getting.  For those nerdy folks in the audience, this one’s for you.

 Austin’s 40th Birthday Listening Guide

Day 1: The Country Mouse & The City Mouse

01.) Overdose The Katatonic, Live on “What’s This Called?” 18 June 2011

02.) Doug Theriault, Live on “What’s This Called?” 1 January 2011

03.) Admiran, Live at Slim’s 27 July 2013

04.) “The Book of Karen” by The Dead Air Fresheners w/ Austin Rich, Live at Habesha Lounge, 13 April 2013.

All four of these performances are less that 20 minutes, and were recorded & mastered by Austin Rich.  1 & 2 were recorded at KPSU, the other two were on-location.  You can stream or download these to your heart’s content.  I should add that you can subscribe to Closet Radio (hosted by Miss Rikki) in your podcatcher of choice using that link.  It is well-worth your time.

Artist Links: Overdose The Katatonic, Doug Theriault, Admiran, The Dead Air Fresheners, Austin Rich

* * * * * *

Day 2: Two Sides To Every Party

01.) The Nervous, Live at The World Famous Kenton Club, 17 August 2013

02.) The Welfare State, Live at Katie O’Brien’s 11 November 2011 / Crack City Rockers (acoustic), Live on Blasphuphmus Radio 9 May 2007

03.) /root_DIR, Live at East End 19 April 2013

04.) Xiphod Process, Live at The Twilight, 2 January 2015.

2 & 4 were recorded by the artists, with the second half of 2 by Austin Rich at KPSU.  1 & 3 were recorded on-location by Austin Rich.  You can stream or download these to your heart’s content.  I should add that you should check out DJ Tuff Gnarly, who is the curator of the annual Booberamapaloozafest at The World Famous Kenton Club.  This year’s line-up is amazing, and a taste of the kind of tunes he’ll be providing at this show.

Artist Links: The Nervous, The Welfare State, /root_DIR, Xiphoid Process.

* * * * * *

Bonus Tracks!

Xiphoid Process contains members of The Thrash-Key Kids and The Decliners, and The Welfare State grew out of The Crack City Rockers, all three of whom I had the pleasure of recording at KPSU.  You can stream or download these performances, too:

The Thrash-Key Kids 14 September 2014

The Decliners 13 April 2007

The Crack City Rockers 23 June 2006


Cypher is an as-yet-unrevealed project that consists of myself and Moth Hunter.  We’re not even sure if the name will stick, that’s how new it is.  I don’t exactly know why I’ve included these tracks here.  Perhaps it involves a sort of “Secret Guest” happening on Day 1, or may just be for your listening pleasure?

Match Cut by Cypher

3 Parter by Cypher


On a similar note, this performance by Eric Hausmann & Tiffany Lee Brown.  I’m not sure why it’s here, exactly, but you may be able to guess at the possibilities…

The Easter Island Project, Live on “What’s This Called?” 23 May 2009

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