When The Mode Of The Website Changes

More and more I feel like there’s some sort of dysfunction with the way I interact with social media. Certainly, it is designed to keep you there, and keep clicking / interacting. And at a time in the world’s history where we are all stuck at home, there is something sort of comforting about being plugged into some sort of cultural monolith that we can all “connect” over.

Perhaps that is old fashioned of me to want some sort of cultural touchstone that we are all connected through? Growing up where we all read the same newspaper and we all watched the same three channels and we all played the same handful of videos games, I think I am always clinging to and searching for the “mainline” part of culture, where we are all congregating together, and having some sort of “moment” together.

Going to shows really helps fill that role in someone’s life. You ARE in an experience with a lot of other people, and you know, in that moment, that you are having some sort of moment together.

Can you replicate that in some sort of digital environment? I don’t know.

But I’m pretty sure being on MyFacester+ all day long can’t possibly be the answer.

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