Self-Reflective Isolation-Sounds

Considering any logistic or technological issues that may happen tomorrow due to smoke, fires or viruses, I will be making another appearance on UB Radio Salon, the wonderful program hosted by das & Ninah of Big City Orchestra. I’ve made a few appearances on the show now, and we sort of have a rhythm to these things, now. I will be in the Lava Lamp Lounge, and they in the Chakra Chimp Research Kitchens, and we will be performing two live improvised radio pieces, “Which One of Us Is I?” The program will feature the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, among other things. Tune in, and enjoy the soothing sounds of UB Radio Salon.

Coming Up: Sunday, September 13th
5-7pm US PDT / Midnight-2am GMT / 2-4am CEST

“Which One Of Us Is It?” BeeBee CeeDee Orc-Est-Star with Mini-Mutations provided by Austin Rich

via DFM RTV International
***other stream formats at page

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