You Spin Me Right Round (5): Travel Arrangements

the-hideout-1956-4-a-car-chase-through-the-docks (A Detective Dexter Roland Adventure)

5. Travel Arrangements

I sat there re-reading our exchange a few times, and slowly found myself nodding off, so I glanced around a bit to make sure everything was where it should be, balled up my coat, laid back, and let myself nod off as I took in what had happened that afternoon. Attractive women kept flitting across my vision, and flashes of the nude beach I’d driven past earlier occasionally intruded to create a terrible melange of urges, guaranteed to lead to poor judgement. It seemed as if I was out only momentarily, but when I groggily came to a couple hours later I felt like I was ready to tackle the second half (and much more complicated) portion of the day. I reviewed the scenery carefully to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind, then loaded my belongings and myself into my car. Frankie Diamond was there to greet me with some lounge music set that seemed appropriate for my evening.

Sauvie Island is both smaller and bigger than you think it is, and it took me a few minutes of driving on farm roads and small beach tracks until I found something that was paved, and a bit longer before I found signs that helped direct me back to The 30, and in the meantime I’d accumulated a fair amount of traffic behind me that was either used to confused people like myself, or were all afraid of passing out of over-politeness. But once an actual two-lane road opened up, a few people grew adventurous, and soon enough only a few people were behind me, and I led the soothing sounds of Martin Denny ease me away from the countryside.

Things were looking up when I saw the bridge up ahead, and asdae-20060709-4805 I was beginning to plot my path to the station I noticed a Chevy Deluxe that could not possibly be any older than 1949 move into the other lane to pass me. It would probably have not grabbed my attention had it not been for the fact that the car had no visible plates, and that it had a twin that kept its position just behind me. As I was wondering to myself what the chances were that two very similar cars would both be following me, the turn for the bridge was rapidly approaching, and the passing Deluxe suddenly bashed into me, pushing me off the road.

I was stunned; not only was this completely unexpected, but I had little time to react. I immediately turned into the Deluxe, but my tiny Bug was having little effect on the situation, and it was clear I was either going to ram into the wall rapidly approaching, or I would have to turn off and take my chances with the embankment that went into the river. As all of this was happening, I felt my phone buzz again, but the thrill of getting another message from Sam didn’t have the same impact at this moment. Sensing a need to make it a bit further into the day than I was currently, I veered right, hit the grass, and slammed on the breaks. The Bug failed to turn over, but skidded and slid in the embankment until it nosed into the rocks and sand on the river, and as I came to a sudden stop, the car was angled ass-end into the river. From that vantagepoint I could see the pair of Deluxe’s speeding across the bridge toward HWY 30, with a small orange scrape on the right side of the one that banged into me.

images My adrenalin was through the roof, and as I sat in my car, stunned, it was apparent to me that this case had more to it than broken street dates.

I pulled out my phone, and saw a picture from Sam; she had a towel around her hair, and a Long Hind Legs LP conveniently covering much of her chest, but was otherwise unclothed as even more of her tattoos were showing. “Getting Ready. Hope this brings you pleasant dreams.”

For a moment, I stopped thinking about the pair of Chevy’s, and instead focused on the pair in the photo. If I wasn’t so terrified, I probably would have reclined my seat and thought of England.

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