The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall by Vincent Price

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall
The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall
(A radio serial created from A Hornbook for Witches by Leah Bodine Drake (1950), and read by the incomparable Vincent Price released by Caedmon Records in 1976.)

As Halloween began to get commodified more and more in the ’70’s and ’80’s, the kinds of music and recording that were hitting the market began to dabble in strange little nooks and crannies.  Disney had established that narratives could work, and many people stuck with reading Edgar Allen Poe if they wanted a spooky story.  But Caedmon Records expanded the scope of what they were willing to release, and with that they contacted Vincent Price to perform for their Halloween releases.

I’ve written at length about both Vincent Price and his relationship with Caedmon Records, so I won’t bore you too much with that, except to say that to me, he really is a Halloween character, through and through.  My perception of him as a kid was very much that of a horror creature, and I would get pretty excited when I would hear his voice, or see him in a film.  Having Vincent as a part of Halloween just makes sense, and I’m happy to hear him year-round.

Below are five links, that allow you to hear the five-part series I ran last October as part of our Annual Halloween Spook-tacular!  These were delivered into the podcast feed on five consecutive days – Monday through Friday – at 11 AM each day.  String all five of these together for a 25 minute tale that is a fantastic way to spend an evening if you’re looking for something seasonally appropriate to do.

vincent-vincent-price-35944932-1080-960The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (Part I of V)

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (Part II of V)

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (Part III of V)

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (Part IV of V)

The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall (Part V of V)


There’s something really fun about serial entertainment, as the kinds of people who are prone to binge-watching any TV Show can easily attest to.  We like being cut off at the height of the stories’ telling, knowing that we have to wait for the next segment to come a day, week, month or year later.

I’m not sure how many new fans got into the story as it was being doled out in five-minute chunks, but Vincent Price fans loved it, and I had a lot of fun making it, for sure, so much so that I even made a little commercial for the event.



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