The Ways of Ghosts

coverThe Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce
A Holiday EP from Austin Rich.

Now available from our Bandcamp Page, it is The Ways of Ghosts, four short ghost stories from the late 19th Century.  These have been produced as separate pieces, clocking in about about 20 minutes, with sound effects, music, and other tidbits to create an audio essay that is perfect for the holiday season.  Now you can help support our Annual Halloween Spook-tacular and enjoy these ghostly encounters from a time long since past.

Ambrose Bierce was known for many things, including being a printing genius, his diverse political journalism, writing The Devil’s Dictionary (a book of definitions that he called “the cynics word book”), disappearing completely never to be heard from again while on a story in Mexico, and at times, writing ghost stories.  Heavily inspired by Washington Irving – himself a satirist / journalist / horror writer – Bierce would regularly slip ghost stories that he had “overheard” into his columns at the San Francisco Examiner.

Not only did his “spooky” pieces get taken as “true” accounts by most who read them, but the humor of these made-up slices of “Americana” (a direct descendant of Irving’s own style, so Bierce thought) seemed to be lost on his readers.  Bierce had always seen the ghost story as a satiric engine, and was floored to see that people were not looking for that with these stories.  Regardless, he understood a good thing when he found one, and collected these stories from the paper together as “The Ways of Ghosts”, which itself was collected with other ghostly stories.  The form of these collections seems to shift from publisher to publisher, but there’s an ebook version that is worth downloading for free, as these are in the public domain now.

In 2014, as part of our Halloween Spook-tacular!, a few of these appeared as part of our daily NewsBlas, and were available then.  However, I’ve re-edited, re-mastered, and re-worked these, and recorded new pieces to complete the set.

I’m very proud of these, and they are not only a great way to kick-off a full month of great stuff, but buying these help us continue to make cool things for you to listen to and enjoy.

The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce

It’s four short ghosts stories, perfect for any Spook-tacular event in October.

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