A Call For Submissions, To Our Ideology, As Well As For Your Creative Work

A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.
A Don Quixote in search of a Sancho Panza.

In the Summer of 2013, we put together acronyminc.blogpress.new.  Now we’re putting together a quarterly publication to follow in its footsteps, and we want your help!

We are looking for fiction, journalism, criticism, personal essays, comics, photography, poetrydrawings, music & videos, digital work, and anything else you can send in the mail.

Let’s make some art!  Send materials & queries to: austinrich@gmail.com.

Next Deadline: September 25th!

* * * * * *

Over the last 20 years, Austin Rich has been making media in a number of forms.

In 1993 he began publishing zines, using material he wrote and designed with submissions by readers, which he has sold in shops in Eugene & Portland OR, as well as by mail order.

In 1998 he began broadcasting, again in Eugene & Portland OR, largely on KWVA & KPSU as Blasphuphmus Radio.  He has continued to make radio in a variety of forms, now available as a weekly podcast: WTBC Radio in Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen!

In 2000 he began maintaining acronyminc.org, which has been housed in a number of other locations and in a number of forms over the years.  This blog now publishes five times a week, largely on music, but all things related, too.

In addition to his own program, Austin has been producing The Guitar Shop, What’s This Called? & Closet Radio, offering these shows as podcasts & as comprehensive online archives, available for stream or download.

In 2012 he began releasing digital albums & video content, in addition to everything else, as if that weren’t enough.

Austin currently lives in Salem, OR, does a podcast with his wife (The Capital Couple), and struggles with an expanding record collection / waistline.  He enjoys old movies & comics, listening to podcasts, and their kitten, Feyd.

Submit your work – in any form – today!  Together, let’s bring DIY into the 21st Century.

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