WTBC Radio In Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen

WTBC Radio.

Wanting To Be Cool Radio, in beautiul Anywhere, Anywhen.

By (and for) those with discriminating aftertastes.

Audio Essays, Talk, Interviews, Live Music, Rock ‘n’ Fucking Roll.

With Your Host, Austin Rich.

Available in iTunes & in your podcatcher of choice.

Every Tuesday.

Beginning with his terrestrial radio debut in 1998, Writer & Broadcaster Austin Rich has been delivering audio essays for 17 years (and counting).  Half collage, half mix-tape, and half radio documentary, Austin has been mixing and editing audio tid-bits into lush compositions that both rock and tell a story.  Using a stylized form of composition, this weekly program promises to explore new territory, and feature classic programs to help bring radio back into the world of podcasting.

Wanting To Be Cool Radio, In Beautiful Anywhere, Anywhen.

“We’ve only just begun.”

Be Seeing You.


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