Two Sides To Every Party: Austin’s 40th Birthday Split LP

UntitledTwo Sides To Every Party: Austin’s 40th Birthday Split LP (Day 2)

Day 2:

Please join me for an evening of rock, punk & hardcore at The World Famous Kenton Club, and watch a man turn 40 and irrelevant before your very eyes.

As many of you know, I have a varied taste in music, and a number of people came to mind when I realized how anti-climatically I would be aging.  Therefore, like many of the best Split LPs of the past, I decided to Split the evening into two distinct forms, which I think will not only scratch my taste for 31 Flavors, but allowed me to build two different shows in one incredible evening, without having to go anywhere else.

First off, Tuff Gnarly will be DJing to get the crowd in the mood for fun.  A consummate DJ with an encyclopedic sense of what must be heard, he will not only tie the evening together, but bring with him a sense of dignity that is unique among DJs.  We’re excited to have him at the show, and we think he will set the tone for fun.

Come early for Side A, where you can see The Nervous, opening for The Welfare State.  Both feature musical prowess, nerdy intertextuality, and a sense of style and sophistication that few other’s bring to the stage.   Both friends and entertainers, both bands will bring out the best in our audience, and I cannot wait to shake my little tuckus to their rhythmic charms.

As if that were not enough, stay for Side B, where things get a little louder, a little more rough hewn, and where rock is absolutely necessary.  To that end, we have /root_DIR, nerd-grind from Eugene, who will leave you a husk of your formal self with 40 second blasts of extreme music enjoyment.  They are opening for Xiphoid Process, a thrash-metal force to be reckoned with that will close out our party, and not a moment too soon.

Come early for fun!  Stay late to get plowed!  No matter which side works best for you, we think you’ll have a lot of fun helping me celebrate my 40th rotation.  See you there.



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