Writing Log 1

Today I wrote an outline for a script that may wind up in the radio show.

And I wrote a small script for a comic strip using “Andrew” from “Rock Stars For Roommates,” which parallels my recent situation at work.

I decided that if I’m not going to post something to the blog, that I need to at least keep some sort of record of the writing I did in pace of it.  I’d rather not go a day without writing something, so I can get back into the habit.  I’ve decided that on these kinds of entries, and I can get personal, provided I don’t intend to let people read it.  But the items I want to write for public consumption must be fiction, or essays of some kind.  Personal essays, yes.  But something interesting, and not specific to only me.

Anything emotional needs to be cloaked in fiction.  Even just barely, if need be.

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