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This summer has offered an opportunity to redouble efforts in new projects, and the first has been something that is over 13 years in the making.  When I first started in radio in 1998, the technology available to me was slim by today’s standards.  Two CD players, two turntables, two microphones, two cart machines, and a tape deck.  With those humble beginnings, I religiously (pun intended) archived my radio efforts with the thought that I may do something with it in the future.  Now, the future is here.

This website is a near-complete archive of all 500 plus radio happenings since then.  Individual listings are posted for every known broadcast, indexed and organized in a way that has never been possible before.  What used to take up innumerable cassette tapes and pen-and-ink notebook records is now carefully filed digitally, for your easy perusal.  It is fully interactive, allowing you to search and comment in a number of ways, and offers detailed information (when available), as well as download links for all recent, and a number of older, broadcasts.

I have to say, this has been a labor of love.  When I first started doing a radio show, I had no idea that it would become the thing it has, all these years later.  The fact that I can continue to work in this very special medium, and continue to challenge myself in order to do new and interesting things, allows me to fall deeper in love with something I cannot quit.  (In spite of trying, twice.)  To have a record like this is something that I’ve always envisioned, and to see it come to life in this way is something that I will not tire of anytime soon.  Not only has this renewed my interest in the possibilities, but it has shown that through humble beginnings, you can grow a wonderful gem that shines better and better with age.

Obviously, some caveats are in order.  While there is detailed information listed for a number of shows in this archive, there are quite a few that have only the barest listings possible.  This is for a number of reasons, which I won’t get into entirely.  Suffice it to say that this is a fluid archive, with information that is only as complete as the other databases I have merged to create this one.  My own frail memory has supplemented entries when possible, but this is not nearly as fleshed out as it will become over time.  There will also be new discoveries added as time goes on, and obviously our staff is tirelessly working to bring every obscure detail into sharp relief.  But if there is any information that can be found about a given show, this is the place.

As noted in a number of places as well, this has coincided with a massive attempt at archiving our shows, digitally.  Currently, all known shows are now safely secure in both DVD and raw-data forms here at Blasphuphmus Radio Headquarters, and thus I am offering older episodes for sale.  (See here for more information.)  While not to belabor the point, all new episodes will always be free, but to offset the costs of file uploads, and my own time, you will have to pay $1.00 per show for old episodes.  I think it is more than fair, considering what you get.  (Sometimes, a three-hour mix of music.)  However, I am much more interested in getting these shows to the people that want to hear them, so if you express some interest, you will most likely get quite a deal.  I am much more excited about seeing people make donations to The Friends of KPSU.  You can donate as little or as much as you’d like, and it keeps shows like mine on the air.  Radio needs your support, and without it, there is the distinct possibility that I won’t be able to continue to work with KPSU.  I would hate to see that happen.  End of message.

It appears that there are about 40 shows that do not exist in any form.  (Probably more.)  About 20 or so additional shows exist in truncated forms.  Only one of the 61 KWVA shows exists in a near-complete form (minus the commercials.)  And a number of shows have poor sound quality, or are in mono.  However, that leaves almost 400 complete broadcasts available for you to listen to, and with over 200 live performances to choose from, there are hidden gems and treasures that I’m rediscovering, too.  This has been a wonderful trip down memory lane, and I am impressed at the number of shows that really stand up, all these years later.

While I’m proud of every single part of this site, and I really just can’t wait for you to dive in and make discoveries of your own, I would like to draw your attention to a few important features that I think you’ll want to know about up front:

Upcoming Events: A rolling update of all known and currently scheduled radio events, including live performances, and scheduled themes.

Audio Essays: These are my personal favorite kind of show.  Centered around a theme, or in some cases an audio narrative, I pick out songs and recordings that create an extended collage mix of content that flows as a complete presentation.  Themes vary in scope and form, and I try not to repeat myself too often, but it is very hard to resist a little Sci-Fi now and then, and the Vinyl Solution Shows are not to be missed.  I’ve been experimenting with shows like this since the beginning, heavily influenced by Negativland and their show, Over The Edge.

In-Studio Performances: Since 2004, I’ve regularly hosted live acts on my show (and on Live Friday).  I’m a live music nut, but the costs of going to shows is a little more than a DJ can afford.  So I invite them into the studio to play a little show for just me and my radio listeners.  I’ve had a number of great artists over the years: Lana Rebel, Devotchka, Jesse Ransom, Levator, Dr. Frank, Roxy Epoxy, Nasalrod, Camper Van Beethoven, Gordon Taylor, Sloths, Ashtray, John Rambo, Murph from Dinosaur Jr., and a host of others.  With over 200 recordings listed in the archive, there’s bound to be something you’ll love.

More than anything, I want to stress that the future is just as important now as it ever has been.  New guests and themes are in the works, and old projects that were once thought forgotten are about to make their return to the airwaves.  Personally, I feel that the past trials and tribulations we’ve faced are all the more easily forgotten considering the consistent quality of the show, which has only gotten better as I have made way for new ideas that only new technology – and radio – can bring you.  It’s my pleasure to continue mining these new opportunities and possibilities for at least another 13 years.

As always, your input is valued.  Every part of this website is interactive, with comments and the ability to make requests.  You can participate in the show via the phone at 503-725-5945, or contact me about guesting on the show.  I also act as KPSU’s Experimental Music Director, and review countless CDs for our ever-growing archives.  Yes, I would love to hear your band’s new album.  Really.

Hopefully you get as much joy out of this as it has been for me to create it.  Radio has really become a passion of mine, something that really just began as a youthful enthusiasm.  But what made it that way was the people listening, the people who have enjoyed it, and have encouraged me to keep at it.  Without you, there would be no show.

Be seeing you.

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