Dirty Secrets

In list-format, no less:

01.) I’m not a Prince fan. And yes, I’ve listened to a lot of his music. I just don’t get it.
02.) I haven’t read Catcher In The Rye, and haven’t really been inclined to do so, either.
03.) I wish I liked porn as much as everyone else does.
04.) I pretend to understand WAY more than I actually do. Pretty much all the time, about most everything.
05.) I don’t think Bob Dylan is all that exciting, either.
06.) I’m jealous of most other people.
07.) I have a terrible understanding of grammar, and can’t spell anything without spellcheck to save my life.
08.) Almost everything I hate is something I’m guilty of, myself.
09.) I’m not as extremely Left Wing as I’d like to make myself appear.
10.) I’m absolutely terrified of being alone.

One thought on “Dirty Secrets

  1. >Prince is for women-and only a small population of women at that. 3 people really like porn and everyone else is pretending. Bob Dylan-I like him but his voice annoys me. I'd love to have him over for a dinner party and see if he really does talk like that. We are all faking how much we know-you are just good at it 😉


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