Things I Love

In an effort to pull myself out of my funk, and to try to embrace some positive things for a change (rather than complaining until I’m blue in the face about nearly everything), I’ve decided to make a list of things I love. So often, I think, this gets lost in the shuffle of trying to look cool in a town that is often predicated on exactly that. Being cool is one thing; being willing to admit to the things that make you happy, and proudly wearing them as a badge of honor, is even cooler if you ask me. Let’s begin:

01.) My Family
02.) My Friends
03.) School
04.) Radio
05.) The Public Library
06.) Records
07.) Comics
08.) Writing
09.) Making A Mix Of Music For Someone
10.) Shared Physical Intimacy
11.) Fresh Fruit
12.) Watching Something Fun With A Friend
13.) Shopping For Food I Like To Eat
14.) Ginger Ale
15.) Hanging Out In The Kitchen, Making Food & Listening To Records With Someone
16.) When I Have A Date
17.) Genuine Compliments About My Creative Output
18.) Having My Bills Paid, And Having Money Left Over
19.) Loud Rock ‘n’ Roll Shows
20.) Knowing That You’re Hearing Something For The First Time
21.) Invitations To An Event
22.) Finally Understanding Something Complex
23.) Getting Packages Or Letters In The Mail
24.) Seeing Pretty Girls
25.) Knowing That I’m Trying To Be A Better Person

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