That Was Then, This Is Now

So Hot
So Hot

For most of my adult life, I have been in love with the girl in the right of this picture. (I would appreciate better screen captures of her from this movie if possible… this is the only thing I could find anywhere online.) Lala Sloatman is her name, but I only knew her as Nora’s sidekick in Pump Up The Volume. (To my knowledge, you don’t learn her name – Janie – until the end credits, and even then the words were so small it took until I looked at a DVD copy last night to really be able to read it.) As I’ve discovered via some Inter-Web-A-Tron research I did this morning, her cousin is Ahmet Zappa, who also appeared as an extra in Pump Up The Volume, along with Seth Green and some other strange Hollywood fringe types, which puts this girl in good company.  Sadly, her filmography is, to say the least, disappointing.  (The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Joe Verses The Volcano.)

I’m sure the particular circumstances that make me obsess over Janie are as specific and singular as any other obsession any of us develops. I can only say that, 17 years later, this obsession still has a pretty strong hold on me. Yowza.

Nora: It’s after 8 o’clock, so I guess it’s okay to kill myself.
Janie: Oh no, it’s after 3, I guess I’m totally fucked!

3 thoughts on “That Was Then, This Is Now

  1. >Yeah, I did a Google search. But really, it’s only her appearance in Pump Up The Volume that does it for me. Like I said above: sadly, the rest of her filmography is disappointing.


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