For A Change Of Pace

So often this space is reserved for those moments in my life when the tension finally tips the scales into the realm of irritation, and I find myself time and again starting new paragraphs with the phrase, “And another thing…”

So, here it is, for the very first time: a different kind of list!

Things I Love

1.) Virtually incoherent experimental music.

2.) Modernists art films that border on an unbearable length.

3.) Meta-Text, in all it’s forms. (Including this one.)

4.) Comics, especially rambling sagas that go on for hundreds of pages, preferably with an adventure / sci-fi angle. The writer’s from the UK? Perfection!

5.) Lost. (I know, I know, I’m a sucker like everyone else.)

6.) Alphabetizing, filing, sorting, cataloging, indexing, and organizing in every imaginable permutation.

7.) The invention of baking, hygiene, and written language.

8.) Daylight Savings Time (fall back only)

9.) A sense of accomplishment.

10.) The people in my life who make all of this – everything, in fact – entirely worth it. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “For A Change Of Pace

  1. >I know, I know. But the problem only seems to become more acute as I get older. Five disc boxed sets? Not a single guitar to the bands name? Their song titles are now in Hexadecimal Code? It just goes on and on like that. Not even that M.I.A. album I bought seems to be helping. I keep convincing myself it’s dance music, but my brain seems to think otherwise… help!


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