New Discoveries In Latrinalia

Found in three separate stalls in the men’s rooms on PSU campus
(You may have to open the images in a new tab, and zoom in, to read some of these):
Naked Graffiti
Naked Graffiti

Guh? Astronomy Professor?

Naked Graffiti II
Naked Graffiti II

While I’m quite fond of the tagger who admits that his occupation is a waste of time,
I think I like the Haiku the best:



Naked Graffiti III
Naked Graffiti III

Apparently, the gentleman with a green pen must have read my book.
(So does my dick every morning… I should have used that one!)

One thought on “New Discoveries In Latrinalia

  1. I should point out: as of today, the first two of these images have been completely removed from the stalls. The third image is still there, though it would be much harder to clean and remove, given the location.


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