Hangover Hints

As promised, here is an additional hangover hint from my buddy kungfuramone:

* * * * * *

“the bottom line is that the suffering is going to happen no matter what. i would like to add one thing to your list of curative measures: coffee! i don’t know if everyone is like i am, but i honestly find that the ONLY thing that consistently saves my ass when i’m hell-of-a hungover is coffee. it really, really makes me feel better. that day where you and tyler came over to keep me company while i was just fucking ruined kind of focused my attention on coffee’s potion-of-healing attributes. it went like this:

1. i couldn’t move. 2. i drank a cup of coffee. 3. i could move again.

since then it’s been re-proven on several occasions. again, i have no idea if it works like that for anyone else, i just wanted to toss in my two cents.”

* * * * * *

Thanks for the hint!

(It should be noted that coffee acts as a diuretic, i.e. you’ll be pissing up a storm. Often this leaves people dehydrated and can, in certain cases, lead to making your hangover EVEN WORSE. HOWEVER, the curative properties of coffee cannot be denied by any regular drinker, and often the pick-me-up it offers has lead to a clearer mind when it comes to curing a hangover’s symptoms. As always, use coffee with caution… a 1 sugar, no cream.)

I would like to increase the hangover hints database if anyone out there has any suggestions. While my methods are fool-proof when it comes to my own hangover (only occasionally do I wake up and fail to improve my state of being by the end of the day), Chris makes an excellent point: different hand-jobs for different nut-jobs. Coffee is the death of me when I’m hung over, but it apparently brings Chris back from the dead. I’m sure that, as with many things, there are many different ways to go about reducing the effects of the over-hang. To that end, I’d like to get more hints from the general public. Eventually, after carefully reviewing the hints, the Learn-ed Council of Wise Men will test these hints out and give a full report as to which ones indeed work, and which ones are flukes.

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