Autumn-ation: Outdoor Sounds From Indoor Minds.


01.) “Ancient Forest” by Yvan Strong. Performed by Psithurism.

(Psithurism is Ellen “Dryad” Klowden’s poetry, and sample manipulation by Austin Rich.)


02.) Bast Awakening Autumn Canvas.

(Bast Awakening is Ellen “Dryad” Klowden’s poetry, and music by I Died.)

Centering Chimes


“In That Place”

“Warm, Misty”


03.) Under the Shade of the Manchineel Tree by I Died.


04.) “Black Spirits In White / Red Spirits In Grey” by DEATH MUTATIONS

(DEATH MUTATIONS is I Died on synths and electronics, & Austin Rich with synths and sample manipulations.)


05.) Chasing Sounds by Mini-Mutations.

(Mini-Mutations is Austin Rich, reading an original piece of “fiction,” with original music inspired by No Part of It music.)



06.) Poetry by Ellen “Dryad” Klowden



How has community arisen?

What is it like in your dreams?

Explore what you’re for; share your visions,

For life beyond divisive, racist schemes.




Poisoned roots;

Branches of devastation

Bearing strange fruits….

CHOP* them down,

Replace them,

With autonomous zones.

Think outside the box;

Make communities our own.

All with voice,

All with choice,

All encouraged, welcomed, rejoiced.

Those who’ve been privileged,

Stepping aside,

Listening and learning,

Eyes open wide.

Those who oppose,

Who chose to misalign,

Who collude with violence:

It is no longer your time.

Never should have been.

Never will be again.

Statues torn down,

Police to be defunded.

You bought into oppression?

That’s your loss,

Won’t be refunded.

Community begins

Where oppression ends.

If you’re here to rebuild,

We’re community; we’re friends.


“The Stakes”

The stakes

have never


so high.

It sounds


but who can deny?

Every generation has its moment —

“Ism”s are endemic.

But now, they all foment

Amid global pandemic

and disintegration

of entire ecosystems.

Every day,

another symptom.

We’ve fought genocide before,

in World War Two,

and made it stop.

But there are ecocidal tipping points,

and we are way past the top.




Not when police are killing us.

Not when our next breath could be

a ticking time bomb, 2 weeks hence.

Not when ecological protections

Are being undone by Trump and Pence.

Which will kill us first? Genocide? Ecocide?

I hate sitting in suspense.

We can no longer


those still sitting

on the fence.

Time to make a stand.

Feels like “end times” are at hand.

I really would have enjoyed feeling safe to live a long life.

That luxury would have been grand.

Now, sometimes, that chance feels blown away,

like a beach’s random bit of sand.

Our vision is clear.

We see through the lies.

Only in collective activity

to revolutionize

are we likely to see

a community

able to live to be

old and wise.


“Relentless Pursuit”


“Get It Done”